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Channel Drainage

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Drainage for Docks, Warehouses and Distribution Centres

What's best in heavy duty trafficked areas? Find out which industrial channel drainage fits the needs for logistics and distribution centres!

Heavy duty channel drainage explained

Get the 101 on the different types of heavy duty channel drainage.

How to clean channel drains

Have grime, dirt, leaves and more in your channel drains? Find out how you remove them from your channel and a handy tip for lifting your gratings!

How to install a channel drainage system

Get a step by step instruction guide on how to install a channel drainage system.

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Choosing the right channel drain for your project

Wondering what channel drain is best? Get key points and tips to help you choose the right product for your needs from JDP.

Most common drainage problems on your driveway

Keep getting puddles on your drive? Discover why water causes a problem on driveways and learn how to fix it with products from JDP.

The best drainage channels for car parks

Check out JDP's options for channel drainage in different a car parking areas; whether you're parking a small car, or managing aircraft, this article has all the answers!

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