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How do you measure the size of a manhole cover?

No nonsense; it's the opening size you measure. But follow this article from JDP to correctly measure your manhole cover.

How to choose the right manhole or access cover

Clear opening size or external dimensions? Cast iron or steel? Seal or no seal? Here's how to choose the right cover for your project.

What is the difference between manhole covers and access covers?

Not sure what type of cover you need? Find out whether you need a manhole cover or access cover in this handy guide.

BS EN 124 vs FACTA - manhole and access cover loading standards explained

A15 or A? Group or Class? BS EN 124 or FACTA? Confused by all the cryptic letters and numbers? This neat article is for you!

What is the FACTA access covers classification?

From classes A - F here's a guide to FACTA gradings and loading applications for access covers.

What is the BS EN 124 classification?

We explain the standard behind covers and gratings rated A15 to F900 in groups 1 to 6.

How to install a recessed drain cover

Like a ninja or chameleon, recessed drain manhole covers let you camouflage the drain with various coverings. Find out how you install one with this article from JDP.

What are the advantages of round manhole covers over square manhole covers?

Don't be square. Be round. Find out why round covers for manholes are better than square covers.

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