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Pump Stations

What are pump stations?

A cross section of a pump station.

Pump stations are used for pumping sewage to a main sewer drain, or treated effluent from a septic tank or treatment plant to a soakaway or watercourse.

JDP offers a comprehensive range of pump stations with single or twin pumps with float switches and high level alarm systems. For single dwellings to stations suitable for new housing estates are also available.

The correct sizing of the pump station is crucial to the performance as is the prevention of grease build up inside that plant.

Features & Benefits

  • Single tank installation up to 80m³ (multiple tank systems available)
  • Multiple valve chamber location and invert options
  • Weir cover screen prevents solids passing into main storage chamber
  • High level alarm (as applicable)
  • Unique weir screen cleaning facility removes need to access the chamber during maintenance
  • Totally sealed system
  • Factory pre-fabricated under controlled conditions to ensure consistent high quality construction
  • Minimal on-site assembly
  • Cost effective solution to reach mains drainage
  • Bespoke system, engineered to suit the criteria of any particular application
  • Available in GRP or PE
  • Capable of pumping solid or liquid waste
  • Both single and duplex systems are available using pumps from quality manufacturers
  • Power failure storage capacity
  • Can be used in combination with treatment plants or septic tanks
  • Easy to install - one piece tank chamber
  • Less crainage requirements compared to concrete pumping stations
  • On-site health & Safety issues are minimised - no requirement for personnel to enter the tank during excavation on-site to complete installation work.
  • Reduced maintenance - easy cleaning out of holding tank
  • Shallower excavation compared to concrete pumping stations


Package pump stations are used for pumping crude sewage to a main sewer drain or treated effluent from a septic tank or treatment plant to a soak away or watercourse. Surface water drainage versions are also available.

Pump chambers are designed and built to suit the individual requirements of each application.

JDP offer the following different systems:

  • Settled effluent pump set. (For pumping settled effluent to soakaway)
  • Single crude pump station. (For pumping raw sewage from property to holding tank or main sewer pipe).
  • Duel twin crude pump station (For pumping raw sewage from property to holding tank or main sewer pipe). With standby system. All pumping chambers are designed and built subject to type of application, distance to be pumped, and height/fall.
  • Surface water pumping systems (for pumping surface water run-off from hard standings or roof areas. Careful calculation of the run-off areas is essential when sizing these pump stations).

The storage pumping system range is suitable for the following applications:

  • Housing developments with up to 24hr storage requirements (10-500 houses)
  • Commercial developments
  • Industrial developments
  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Caravan and camping sites

The comprehensive range of quality pumps offers solutions for most applications. Pump sizes range from 0.35kW to 12kW for the standard package pumping system.

Pumping Main Range

  MDPE 12.5Bar HPPE 10Bar
63mm 90mm
6m 090263BK6 101190N76
25m 090263BK25 -
50m 090263BK50 101132097050
100m 090263BK100 101132097100
150m 090263BK150 -