Technical Support Services

What do we do?

Technical Support

JDP's Technical Support department is the perfect partner for water management design - and more - offering in-depth design and technical help for anything from small queries to underground sewer drainage systems. We're fully equipped to help with any enquiry using cutting edge technology to develop a bespoke design that is the most cost effective for the project. Even if the project is a new scheme or an existing project JDP can help minimize costs with our bespoke Take-off, Value engineering and Design services.

For all designs of above and below ground drainage JDP's technical knowledge, product availability and in-house design capability means that JDP are a one-stop solutions provider covering virtually any project.


  • SuDS systems
  • Soakaways
  • Online/offline attenuation
  • Bypass/full flow separators
  • Sewers for Adoption 7 and Sewers for Scotland 4 guidance & compliance
  • Rainwater harvesting
  • Siphonic roof drainage
  • Channel drainage
  • Surface water collection
  • Flow controls
  • Construction/installation drawings, including: pipe sizes; manhole schedules; manhole levels; tank drawings

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Take off

Working from existing drawings produced by outside consultant engineers/architects, the JDP Technical Support team undertake take-offs and produce an accurate bill of quantities. Within this service we can offer solutions to problems and alternative options to the original design. With larger schemes the completed take-off may include a JDP manhole schedule that will assist in understanding what we have priced for each individual chamber. This can be advantageous when installing a system in stages and only certain items are required at any one time. The JDP Technical Support team are also willing to liaise with consultant engineers/architects to propose changes to a system that could benefit our client.

Value Engineering

JDP Technical Support are able to offer alternative solutions for a site based on an existing design where we may be able to suggest a more cost-effective solution to the one shown on the original design. This may include offereing alternative products or a slight redesign to the system that will enable the project to be completed more efficiently by the client.

JDP Drainage Design


We are able to assist with certain design aspects of gravity drainage systems. This ranges from assisting with SuDS designs (soakaways/attenuation) to full system designs for small developments (less than 20 properties).

What we need from you

  • Name
  • Project stage (i.e pre planning tender/OTP)
  • Project name/address
  • PDF CAD scale drawings showing proposed building/levels etc. (not scans/photos)
  • Discharge points (stream/existing sewer)
  • Percolation test results
  • Personal preferences, i.e clay or plastic?
  • Manhole schedule - if available
  • Detail sheets

Case Studies

JDP supplies drainage for new staff car park at Manchester Airport

JDP have worked closely with suppliers and Eurvoia Contracting North, to deliver a drainage system for a new car park at Manchester Airport.

RAINBOX® 3S installed at new housing development in Somerset

JDP designs and supplies attenuation system for new build houses in the South.

JDP deliver tailored drainage system to complex self-build site

JDP's unique Technical Support team provided first class service to a self- builder to overcome a tricky drainage challenge.

Value Engineering from JDP helps self-builder gain planning permission

Expert knowledge and advice from JDP's unique Technical Support team has helped a client complete self-build project.