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A basic guide to grease traps

Does the thought of fat burgs in the sewers give you chills? Are you concerned about grease blockages multiplying? Does kitchen oil build-up in your off-mains sewer system make you feel like you’re losing control? Then this grease trap article could be the one that you want.

Septic Tanks: Frequently Asked Questions

How do you service a septic tank? What size do you need? What cleaning products can you use? Do you need planning permission? Everything you need to know about septic tanks and more is here!

What is the best sewage treatment plant?

In the market for a new sewage treatment plant? Weigh up the pros and cons and ins and outs from a selection of our most popular treatment plants.

How to install a sewage treatment plant

Got a need for a sewage treatment plant? Reckon you can DIY the install? Double check this guide for everything you need to know about treatment plant installations.

How to install a septic tank

Do you have a septic tank system that needs replacing? Are you looking to install a new one from scratch? Then this overview of how to install a septic tank could be just what you need.

How to plan and design a new septic tank system

Thinking about installing a new septic tank or replacing an old one? Wondering if you can save money by doing it yourself? Let us help with this overview of all the things you’ll need to consider.

How to operate and maintain a septic tank system

Just moved into your first house serviced by a septic tank? Replacing an old one and want to keep it running at peak performance? Then this guide to septic tank do’s and don’ts for optimal results can help.

A guide to off-mains drainage

Find your property too far away from mains sewerage? Follow this guide to discover your options on managing waste and foul water.

How to perform a percolation test

A complete guide on how to check ground and soil suitability for a foul water discharging soakaway.

Septic tank legislation changes in 2020 - what you need to do

The laws around septic tanks that discharge into a watercourse or ditch will change on 1st January 2020; find out if you are affected and what you need to do.

How to size a Septic Tank or Sewage Treatment Plant

You need off-mains sewerage but not sure what size tank you need? Use our handy guide to clear a path to sewage treatment enlightenment.

Do I need a Septic Tank or Sewage Treatment Plant?

Can't connect to mains sewerage systems? Not sure which plant is what tank? Check out what you need to do with this advice.

Cesspools vs Silage Tanks - what is the difference?

Ding ding ding! Our two contenders look like the same thing but are very different on the inside; discover how and why cesspools and silage tanks differ and where you use them.

Sizing a septic drainage field

Working out what size your septic drainage field should be can be difficult, but not any more with this simple guide! Work out how to carry out a percolation test and the do's and don'ts of drainage fields.

Unblocking a septic tank soakaway

Otherwise known as drainage fields, in this article find out how to get yourself out of a sticky situation with a blocked spetic soakaway.

How do sewage treatment plants work?

Not the most pleasant of subjects we'll be honest. But you do need to know the basics if you are swapping to a sewage treatment plant in 2020.

Septic drainage field: Installation Guide

A step by step guide with all the rules you need to follow to install a correctly performing septic drainage field.

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