PE Mechanical Fittings

Mechanical fittings provide a fast effective jointing solution when Electrofusion or Butt-fusion is not suitable for the following reasons:

  • It is not possible to clean or dry the pipe well enough to make a fusion joint
  • Operatives with the required fusion training are not available
  • Only a few joints to undertake and so it is not cost effective to hire fusion tooling and equipment

Features & Benefits

  • Total end restraint system for PE & uPVC
  • The same fitting can be used for SDR11 / SDR17 or uPVC
  • Fittings are re-usable and easily dissembled for future adaptions
  • High quality epoxy corrosion protection coating
  • A full range of fittings including tees and elbows and gate valves available


Polyethylene and uPVC pipe jointing for:

  • Drinking water
  • Industrial & sewage water


Material: GJS-400 (GGG-40) / fluidized bed epoxy powder coated

Sealing system: pipe sealed via lip seal

Max. operating pressure:

Potable water: 16 bar

Waste water: 16 bar

Flanges to DIN 2501

Retraint push-fit socket for PE and PVC pipes (DIN 8074/8075, DIN 8061/8062)


Mechanical Couplings
Code Size (mm)
0820S2KC063 63
0820S2KC090 90
0820S2KC110 110
0820S2KC125 125
0820S2KC140 140
0820S2KC160 160
0820S2KC180 180
0820S2KC200 200
0820S2KC225 225
0820S2KC250 250
0820S2KC280 280
0820S2KC315 315
0820S2KC355 355

PE Mechanical Flange Adaptor

Mechanical Flange
Code Size (mm)
0820S2KF6350 63 X 50
0820S2KF6380 63 X 80
0820S2KF7580 75 X 80
0820S2KF9080 90 X 80
0820S2KF90100 90 X 100
0820S2KF110100 110 X 100
0820S2KF125100 125 X 100
0820S2KF160150 160 X 150
0820S2KF200200 200 X 200
0820S2KF225200 225 X 200
0820S2KF250200 250 X 200
0820S2KF250250 250 X 250
0820S2KF280250 280 X 250
0820S2KF315300 315 X 300
0820S2KF355300 355 X 300
0820S2KF400400 400 x 400
0820S2KF450400 450 x 400

PE Mechanical End Cap

Mechanical End Cap
Code Size (mm)
0820S2K63CAP 63
0820S2K90CAP 90
0820S2K110CAP 110
0820S2K125CAP 125
0820S2K140CAP 140
0820S2K160CAP 160
0820S2K180CAP 180
0820S2K200CAP 200
0820S2K225CAP 225
0820S2K250CAP 250
0820S2K280CAP 280
0820S2K315CAP 315


  • The restraint system is effective independent of the pipe sealing and is achieved by tightening the lock ring
  • The pipe end can be pushed into the sealing chamber without major effort
  • The flat gasket is already mounted on the flange
  • External surfaces must be clean but installation can take place in wet conditions
  • Need to match coupling or flange adaptor specifications to pressure class of pipe system – due to the high end loads larger sizes have progressively lower pressure class limits
  • Follow the fitting manufacturers’ installation instructions including pipe end preparation
  • Larger diameters may require a reinforcing insert to be placed inside the pipe spigot
  • For thin walled PE-pipes (up to 3mm wall thickness) and low internal pressure as well the use of support liners is required