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A headwall fitted with a vermin guard.

Many new developments require outfalls into streams & rivers or to balancing ponds. JDP supply a range of headwalls to prevent bank erosion, including small glass reinforced concrete (GRC), large preformed concrete and also polymer headwalls. This range caters for stadnard pipe sizes from 100mm to 900mm diameter and larger. These can be fitted with a full range of accessories including handrails, pipe guards, trash screens, anti vermin grills, flap valves and penstocks.

Features & Benefits

  • Prefabricated off-site
  • Speedy and efficient to install (minimising on-site labour)
  • Particularly applicable in cases where limited installation time is given due to tides etc.
  • Cost effective solutions
  • No on-site shuttering required
  • Polymer headwalls can be made in a range of colours and from recycled material

Concrete Headwalls

Size Standard Opening (mm) WalL Thickness (mm) Approx Weight (kg) Lifting Loops
Small 150 - 450 100 & 150 1500 4 x RD 24
Medium 450 - 675 150 1500 4 x RD 24
Large 600 - 1050 150 1500 4 x RD 24
X Large (2 pieces) 1050 - 1350 250 6000 (1 piece) 4 x RD 30
XX Large (2 pieces) 1500 - 2100 250 7750 (1 piece) 4 x RD 30

GRC Headwalls

Code Description
0599GRCDI Glass Reinforced Concrete Pipe Drain Inlet
0599GRCHEAD Glass Reinforced Concrete Headwall (Large) B102
0599GRCHEADWALL Large Glass Reinforced Concrete Headwall
0599HEADWALL 480mm x 440mm GP Headwall