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What are Inspection Chambers?

Do you know what, where, when and why inspection chambers are needed? Who's responsibility is it to maintain them? Read our guide on inspection chambers to find out more.

Why would you use AXEDO® inspection chambers in a housing estate?

Lets talk through why you need to be using AXEDO® inspection chambers in your next house build.

AXEDO® 600 vs Concrete Manhole Rings

Discover the benefits of using an AXEDO® inspection chamber over a traditional concrete manhole ring for non-inspectable applications. Spoiler alert: AXEDO® wins.

How deep can inspection chambers be installed?

Sewers for Adoption. Sewers for Scotland. Adoptable or non adoptable. Here's a guide to inspection chambers and their installation depths.

When and where do I need an inspection chamber?

The who-what-why-where-and-when guide to inspection chambers, and when and where you should use them.

Picking the right inspection chamber for your project

A handy guide of things you need to know before deciding on an inspection chamber, and choosing the right one for your project.

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