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ULTRA3 vs Concrete Drainage Pipe

Is concrete your “go to” material for drainage pipe? Ever thought about using plastic instead? Not convinced it could offer the same benefits and reliability? We think ULTRA3 could change your mind.

How do you clear blocked gullies?

Are you concerned about the gullies around your house getting blocked? Are you plagued by girds that frequently overflow, causing foul smells and flooding around your property? Did you know you can solve this problem yourself? Find out how in this article from JDP!

What are gullies, and where do you need them?

Do you call a gully a grid? Do you know your P-Traps from your Bottle gullies? What is the difference between a domestic gully and a road gully? Discover everything you need to know about gullies!

Does your house have the right drain connections?

Did you know that modern houses should have separate drain systems for rainwater and wastewater, and that you could be causing water pollution if you have the wrong connections? No need to worry, JDP is here to help!

The benefits of flexible plastic pipes over rigid alternatives

Discover the benefits of using plastic pipes for underground drainage!

Underground Drainage: Installation and Principles

Installing underground drainage can be a complex procedure; use this comprehensive guide to learn about the principles of underground drainage installation.

Sewer pipe responsibilities for home owners

Find out what your responsibilities are if you've got a drainage problem in your home

An introduction to ULTRA3

Discover the next generation of sustainable pipework for modern sewerage systems.

What drainage system do I have?

Learn the different types of drainage systems you might have in your property and how to spot them.

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