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JDP is the UK’s leading specialist supplier of water management products and expert advice for consultants to the construction and civils sectors. As a merchant manufacturer JDP is in the unique position of offering a range of solutions both manufactured by us and sourced from selected world-class suppliers.

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DYKA ULTRA3 Sewer Drainage System

Modern sewerage systems demand a new generation of pipework and components that focus on installation, sustainability and compliance.

ULTRA3 is a combination of BS EN 13476-2 pipework and BS EN 1401-1 fittings, sized from 100/110mm to 600/630mm, for use in house plot drainage, adoptable sewer and all commercial applications. ULTRA3 is engineered with three layers; an intermediary layer manufactured from post-consumer recycled PVC but virgin uPVC on the outer and inner surfaces.

DYKA AXEDO® Inspection Chambers

Used for non-man entry inspection chambers for foul and surface water drainage systems, or as a demarcation chamber, AXEDO replaces some of the need for traditional concrete products where man entry inspection isn't required.

With multiple configuration options, connections to all pipe types and designed to be installed at depths of up to 6m AXEDO offers adaptable, reliable and safe drainage access and can lead to extensive savings in installation time and project costs.

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