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What is a silt trap and why do you need one?

What are these mysterious little things? Well, they're actually very important, find out why!

How to unblock a soakaway crate

Although in most cases a blockage shouldn't occur if you've installed correctly, sometimes these things happen. Find out here what to do if your crates do get blocked.

What is the difference between soakaway and attenuation systems?

What actually is the difference? They use the same core products, but remove water in very different ways. Find out how, here.

How do soakaways actually work?

Black magic. Sorcery. Witch craft. Soakaways aren't magical but they are innovative; not sure how they work? This article has all you need to know about soakaway crates.

How many soakaway crates do I need?

Calculating how much storage volume you need for a soakaway can be tricky. But not with this guide! Follow these steps to make sure you discover the right amount of crates for your project.

Do's and Don'ts when installing a plastic soakaway

Do: consider water management during planning. Don't: install them wrong. Find out more tips on what to do/don't do with soakaways in this top article.

How to install a RAINBOX 3S soakaway

During an install of RAINBOX® 3S crates, we took some short video explaining how to install it. Hint: it's really easy.

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