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The best channel drains for carparks

Check out JDP's options for channel drainage in different a car parking areas; whether you're parking a small car, or managing aircraft, this article has all the answers.

Why do carparks flood?

The reason you get large volumes of excess surface water run-off in areas like car parks is because the tarmac or surface of the carpark is not as permeable as the land which was there previously. This basically means that it is not as easy for the water, or even impossible, to soak through the new surface. This can result in the new carpark flooding or the surface water pooling around the carpark.

Why can the surface of a carpark be a problem?

This can worsen further in areas attached to a large building, for example a supermarket carpark as you are also getting storm water falling from the roof of the building and pooling on the ground. These high volumes of water can make it dangerous for customers in vehicles and pedestrians.

car park.

To help manage this excess water, channel drain can be installed to drain the water to a more suitable point.

Public Parking Areas

For a public parking area where many cars pass over all day you would need a robust and reliable channel drain to cope with the weight of the cars and the slow-moving load. The drain will need to have a C250 loading rating for this meaning it can withstand a 25 tonne weight. This is fine providing the usual vehicles which will pass over the grating are mainly standard cars and vans, not heavy lorries or forklifts etc.

For this we sell a range of channel drains manufactured by Hauraton called RECYFIXPLUS and FASERFIX.

  • RECYFIX comes with a ductile iron grating and a recycled PE-PP channel.
  • FASERFIX also has a ductile iron grating but comes with a concrete channel.

Heavy Loading Areas

For parking areas with heavier vehicles you would need a stronger channel drain just to be sure it would hold the weight of the vehicles and their loads - it is always best to use a drain capable of holding more weight than less! So, a channel drain with a D400 loading rating would be more suitable for this application where it can hold up to 40 tonnes.

RECYFIXPLUS also comes with a D400 loading rating as does RECYFIXPRO which are both suitable products to use for more industrial car parks.

Petrol Stations & Public Areas

For petrol station forecourts channel drain is particularly useful as not only does it manage surface water it protects the forecourt from spills by removing petrol or diesel from the forecourt into the catch pit below ground. Certain specifications are often required for these applications and the products we stock easily meet the hydraulic requirements and capacities needed to cover any fuel tanker spillages.

Channel Drain is popular in public areas as the flush grating prevents slipping and trip hazards. They require maintenance on a regular basis as a build-up of silt and debris is likely in these areas. To do this it is best practice to use a high-pressure water jet every so often and blast the lines clean.

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