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Polyethylene pressure pipe materials explained

Make a wish. Count to three. Let us show you a world of MDPE, HDPE, HPPE, HMPE and more! Here JDP explains the different types of materials used in Polyethylene Pressure Pipe systems.

The colours and uses of MDPE explained

MDPE is used in dozens of different ways. Discover the different uses and colours of MDPE and where you use them.

Which pipes are better for water supply?

Should water supplies be rocking out death metal style or singing catchy pop tunes? Find out whether metal or plastic pipes are better for your water supply.

How deep should MDPE be installed?

MDPE is used in water or supplies across the UK. Here is vital information of minimum and maximum depths for water and gas pipes.

How to straighten MDPE pipe

You've bought some MDPE, and it's so tightly coiled that it could be reptilian and might strike down the neighbour's dog in the night. Put that flute down. Here are some tried and tested ways which will straighten out your MDPE coil.

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