RAINBOX 3S installed at new housing development in Somerset

JDP designs and supplies attenuation system for new build houses in the South.

JDP’s Technical Support Department have worked closely with consultant engineers Hydrock to design a large attenuation tank for disused Lakeview Quarry in Keinton Mandeville. The tank can hold 419,000 litres of water and is being adopted by Somerset County Council.

Our RAINBOX® 3S crates were chosen for the attenuation system due to the fact they are inspectable and jettable, meaning the consultant engineers, Hydrock, and the adopting authority were happy that the system can be maintained over its design life. Also, the large void ration of 96% meant that the required storage could be achieved in the very tight space restrictions on site.

The tank was designed in a complex shape to allow the required easement within the site boundary and also provide adequate storage. A lot of design work was carried out between JDP and Hydrock to ensure the system would meet all requirements.

Take a look at our video from the site to see just how big the tank really is !