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How deep should MDPE be installed?

MDPE is used in water or supplies across the UK. Here is vital information of minimum and maximum depths for water and gas pipes.

Follow our advice and guidelines for safe installation depths of both water and gas (blue and yellow) MDPE.


The pipe is installed using the trench method, as used for the installation of most pipes. Check out our other articles which go a bit deeper into the trench method and how it should be created.

Each of these articles has a how to install section which details the installation method.

Depth: The MDPE should be laid in the trench at a depth of at least 750mm, but no more than 1350mm deep.

Gas pipe (Yellow MDPE)

Gas pipes, which are coloured yellow, should be laid at a minimum depth of 750mm when in a road verge, and a minimum of 600mm in a footpath. In agricultural settings the minimum depth is 1100mm. In private ground the depth can be as little as 375mm and must be 250- 300mm wide.

It is important if you are fitting new gas works in your property (private ground) that you read guidelines carefully as you are responsible for safely guarding the trench and making sure anyone who has access to the work on the property is not put at risk.

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