Surface Boxes

Ductile Iron Surface Boxes

Surface boxes are manufactured from ductile iron to BS 5834 (Grade A loading) making them suitable for use in areas subject to heavy loading but not subject to fast moving through traffic.

Surface Box Badging Applications

What do FH, AV, SV, NRV and WO mean on a surface box cover? Covers normally carry an inscription that identifies the pipeline or fitting below and the application.

The covers also help prevent the ingress of debris into the hydrant or valve below.

Badging Inscriptions

  • FH = Fire Hydrant
  • AV = Air Valve
  • SV = Sluice Valve
  • NRV = Non Return Valve
  • WO = Wash Out

Features & Benefits

  • Kitemarked product
  • Conforms to BS 5834
  • Identification badging
  • Locking options available

Product Range

Clear Opening (mm) Code
150x150 0621SB1515D
229x229 0621SB2323D
380x230 0621SB3823D
Double Triangular or Solid Top options – please specify at time of order
Many badging options available – please specify at time of order