Gate Valves

What are gate valves?

The wedge gate valve is used to regulate the flow of liquid in a pressure pipeline, normally in the fully open or fully closed position to isolate the flow. The range is complimented with a range of extension spindles, caps and handwheels available to suit the valves supplied.

JDP offer gate valves from 50mm to 2500mm diameter, including large diameter versions that do not require an actuator or gearbox to open and close the valve. For more details contact your local JDP.

Features & Benefits

  • Ductile iron wedge, fully vulcanised with EPDM rubber
  • Cap top as standard
  • O-ring stem seals replaceable under pressure
  • Fully corrosion resistant construction
  • Fusion bonded epoxy coating
  • Handwheel or electric actuation
  • Clockwise ‘opening’ (CO) or clockwise ‘closing’ (CC)
  • PN16 drilling (alternative drillings available)


These resilient seat, wedge gate, valves are suitable for use with water and neutral liquids (sewage), to a maximum working pressure of 16 Bar, and between temperatures of -10ºC to +70ºC. Insulation is essential for temperatures of 0ºC and below.

Gate Valves

Diameter Code
50mm 082050SER21CC*
80mm 082080SER21CC*
100mm 0820100SER21CC*
150mm 0820150SER21CC*
200mm 0820200SER21CC*
250mm 0820250SER21CC*
300mm 0820300SER21CC*
350mm 0820350SER21CC*
400mm 0820400SER21CC*
*Clockwise opening available
Order handwheels separately
Gas Valves also available, contact your local branch for details.

Mono Design Gate Valve

JDP also offer a gate valve with Electrofusion Sockets. It is a unique mono-design resilient-seated gate valve complete with electrofusion sockets designed into its body. This reduces both weight and installation time when connecting to Polyethylene pipe systems. Due to its singular mono design an unequalled strength of the valve is achieved.

Features & Benefits

  • Up to 50% reduction in installation time
  • Up to 50% weight reduction
  • 50% reduction in face-to-face length compared to using flanged valves & stub flanges
  • No screwed-on bonnet
  • Spindle bearing fixed in housing via bayonet lock
  • No bear thread at spindle bearing
  • Excellent corrosion protection
  • Mono design ensures utmost strength and a long service-life
  • Electrofusion Sockets for PE100 SDR11 & SDR17

These unique design features permit 100% all-over epoxy powder coating, thus providing an unequalled corrosion protection according to the regulations of GSK, the Quality Association for Heavy Duty Corrosion Protection of Powder Coated Valves and Fittings.