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Check/Non Return Valves

Swing Check Valves are non return valves installed in pressure pipelines, used to check the reverse flow of liquid, by use of a swinging disc inside the fitting. Valves without a lever and weight fitting are only suitable for lower velocities.

Features & Benefits
  • Resilient seated disc
  • Lightweight ductile iron design
  • Pre-fitted extended spindle
  • Durable fusion bonded epoxy coated
  • Highly adaptable lever & weight system
  • Bolt opening for easy maintenance
  • Corrosion resistant construction
  • PN10 and PN16 drillings

These resilient seated swing check valves are suitable for use with potable water, raw water and sewage, to a maximum working pressure of 16 Bar, and between temperatures of -10ºC to +70ºC. Insulation is essential for temperatures of 0ºC and below.

Check Valves
Diameter Without Lever & Weight With lever & Weight
80mm 082080NRVAL 082080NRVALLA
100mm 0820100NRVAL 0820100NRVALLA
150mm 0820150NRVAL 0820150NRVALLA
200mm 0820200NRVAL 0820200NRVALLA
250mm 0820250NRVAL 0820250NRVALLA
300mm 0820300NRVAL 0820300NRVALLA