JDP Delivers Sustainable Drainage Solutions for Story Homes Development

AXEDO® and ULTRA3 products supplied for the construction of 67 new homes in Thursby Village, Cumbria.

At JDP (John Davidson Pipes), a leading provider of drainage solutions, we're proud to have played a key role in the successful development of St. Andrews Gardens, a new collection of 67 homes near Carlisle in the picturesque village of Thursby. The project, which began in June 2023 and is expected to be completed in 2.5 years, exemplifies our commitment to sustainability and exceptional customer service.


ULTRA3 pipes at R.D.Nairn site.

Location: Thursby Village, Cumbria

Customer: R.D. Nairn Construction

Project: St. Andrews Gardens - 67 new build homes

The Challenge

R.D. Nairn Construction, the project's builder, needed a reliable drainage solution for the new development.

JDP's Solution

JDP Longtown, the local branch, partnered with R.D. Nairn to provide a comprehensive drainage system. This included: AXEDO® Plastic Drainage System, Concrete Rings, Ducting, ULTRA3 Drainage, Large Diameter Drainage, Channel Drainage, Perfect Base, Hydro Valve, Head Walls

The Result

The efficient installation of AXEDO® and JDP's complete drainage system ensured the project remained on schedule.

How were JDP Involved?

Our partnership with R.D. Nairn Construction began with their request for plot drainage solutions. Our dedicated Account Manager, Joe Wallace, worked closely with the client, leveraging the expertise of Gary Armstrong from our Technical Team. Through numerous site visits, the team conducted thorough site evaluations and proposed the most efficient and sustainable solutions. JDP Longtown, the local branch, then proceeded to ensure seamless product delivery throughout the project.

The AXEDO® Recommendation

A key element of this collaboration was our recommendation to replace traditional concrete drainage with our innovative AXEDO® plastic drainage system. This switch offered several advantages:

An AXEDO chamber being installed.
  • Sustainability

    AXEDO® is a lightweight and eco-friendly alternative to concrete, reducing the project's environmental footprint.

  • Efficiency

    The lighter weight of AXEDO® facilitated a faster installation process, with a remarkable 35 manholes placed in just one day. This significant time saving benefited R.D. Nairn's construction schedule.

  • Safety

    The lighter weight of AXEDO® also reduced manual handling risks for the construction team.

The Complete Drainage Solution

At JDP (John Davidson Pipes), we understand the importance of streamlining the construction process while maintaining exceptional quality and environmental responsibility. That's why, in addition to the AXEDO® plastic drainage system used at St. Andrews Gardens, we also offered our innovative ULTRA3 "Complete Drainage Solution."

ULTRA3 offers a unique range of benefits that include:

Flooding in Norwich
  • Streamlined System

    ULTRA3 encompasses a singular product range of pipes and fittings suitable for both plot drainage and adoptable mains sewerage applications.

  • Faster Installation

    The integral seal within ULTRA3 products significantly speeds up installation compared to traditional methods which saves on time and labour costs.

  • Direct Connections

    ULTRA3 directly connects to PPIC pipes, AXEDO® chambers, and preformed concrete manhole chambers without requiring adapters.

  • Sustainable Choice

    Manufactured from PVC with at least 40% recycled content, ULTRA3 boasts outstanding eco-credentials.

  • Reduced Carbon Footprint

    ULTRA3's lightweight design translates to a lower carbon footprint throughout its entire lifecycle, from production to transportation.

By incorporating ULTRA3 into projects like St. Andrews Gardens, developers can benefit from even greater efficiency, faster installation times, and a demonstrably reduced environmental impact, all without compromising on system quality, performance, or longevity.

Customer Feedback

AXEDO and ULTRA3 pipes at R.D.Nairn site.

The project manager at R.D. Nairn expressed his satisfaction with our service:

"Joe Wallace has been very easy to work with, and always available to address any concerns or questions. He maintained regular communication throughout the project, ensuring everything ran smoothly."

More than a Merchant

At JDP (John Davidson Pipes), we believe exceptional service goes beyond supplying high-quality products. Our technical team provides invaluable support, including free take-offs, which streamline the design process for clients. This dedication to exceptional service is a cornerstone of our philosophy.

JDP (John Davidson Pipes) offers a comprehensive range of drainage solutions to suit any project requirement. To discuss your project needs or request a free take-off, contact our technical support team.