The ultimate dual-purpose system for underground drainage

Modern Sewerage Systems

Modern sewerage systems demand a new generation of pipework and components that focus on installation, sustainability and compliance.

JDP provides ULTRA3 sewer drainage system, sized from 110mm to 630mm, that offers a dual-purpose system for underground drainage.

Manufactured from PVC-U and certified (Kitemarked) to BS EN 13476-2 as a SN8-rated smooth-wall structured layer pipe, ULTRA3 can be used in both house drainage (100/110mm & 150/160mm) and adoptable sewers (150/160mm - 600/630mm) compliant with water authority requirements.

With a full combination of fittings ULTRA3 is the ultimate underground sewer drainage system.

Features & Benefits

Complete System

ULTRA3 creates a complete system of PVC-U pipe and fittings from 100/110mm to 600/630mm (ID/OD). Providing a direct connection to PPIC and AXEDO® chambers without the use of adaptors.



The ULTRA3 system, manufactured by DYKA, is made up of SN8 pipework to EN 13476-2 and SDR 41 fittings. Pipework is certified (Kitemarked) to BS EN 13476-2 and fittings are certified (Kitemarked) to BS EN 1401-1:2009.


Quick Installation

An integral seal quickens installation, increases seal quality and reduces delays and air test failure rates. ULTRA3 holds an inherent resistance to potential damage from cleaning and maintenance.



ULTRA3 manufactured with at least 40% recycled material with an intermediary layer of recycled PVC, with virgin PVC inner and outer layers. 100/110mm and 150/160mm pipework is 20-25% lighter than EN 1401, making it safe and easier to handle when on site and a reduced carbon footprint.


Extra care should be taken when handling PVC pipes in cold weather. Correct PPE should be worn at all times when handling the pipes, gloves, hard hat, hi-visibility clothing and safety footwear.

If bundles of ULTRA3 are to be removed from a vehicle mechanically, nylon belt slings or fork lifts with smooth forks can be used and making sure no metal, hooks or chains come into direct contact with the pipe.


Pipes must be stored on a flat surface and away from anything that is likely to cause damage. Bundles of ULTRA3 can be stored up to three high without any support barriers.

Care must be taken when removing pipes from bundles as the straps are under extreme strain and may flail when cut.

Pipes of different sizes should be stacked separately, if this is not possible the larger pipes should be stacked below the smaller.


ULTRA3 is approved and accepted by water authorities across the UK and is included in the following publications:

  • Sewers for Adoption and Sewers for Scotland, under its generic name of Thermoplastic Structured Wall Sewer Pipe, in sections E 2.22 & 4.2.22 respectively.
  • Civil Engineering Specification for the Water Industry (CESWI), under its generic name of Thermoplastic Structured Wall Sewer Pipe.

WIS 4-35-01

WIS 4-35-01 outlines additional testing requirements for thermoplastic structured wall pipes in accordance with Sewers for Adoption and Sewers for Scotland covering: resistance to internal puncture; resistance to water jetting; and longitudinal bending.

ULTRA3 is the first PVC-U pipe that has been independently tested by WRc and exceeds 4000 psi jetting pressure. ULTRA3 has been extensively tested in all three areas and exceeds the requirements of WIS 4-35-01.

Product Range

Nominal Size (mm) Lengths OD (mm) Wall Thickness (mm) ID (mm) Weight / m (kg)
100/110 3m & 6m 110 3.20 103.60 1.33
150/160 3m & 6m 160 4.70 150.60 2.94
185/200 3m 200 5.90 188.20 4.75
225/250 3m 250 7.30 235.4 7.14
300/315 3m 315 9.20 296.60 11.33
375/400 3m 400 11.70 376.60 19.43
475/500 3m 500 14.60 470.80 30.34
600/630 3m 630 18.4 593.20 45.78

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