The most efficient alternative to traditional concrete.

The Safe Drainage Solution

The state of the art plastic inspection chamber, used as an alternative to a traditional concrete system and can lead to extensive savings in installation time and costs.

The AXEDO has multiple configuration options, connections to all pipe types and designed to be installed at depths of up to 6m. Offering adaptable, reliable and safe drainage access.

AXEDO is used for non-man entry inspection chambers for foul and surface water drainage system, or as a demarcation chamber, replacing the need for traditional concrete in these applications.

Features & Benefits


Weighing 25kg or less* AXEDO is the safe drainage option, with less requirement for working within confined spaces and with heavy machinery.



Various configurations and pushfit adaptors for most pipe types are available, AXEDO is flexible to site conditions and suitable for both foul and surface water systems.



AXEDO is the ideal choice when designing and constructing sewers. Offering adoptable solutions for sewer systems.



Being significantly smaller than concrete inspection chambers, less excavation and infill is needed, and system installation time is up to four times quicker.



Lightweight chambers lead to reduced transport CO2 emissions, costs, time and site traffic. Components are manufactured sustainably and are fully recyclable.


Cost Effective

When reduced material, plant and labour costs are considered, installed AXEDO systems save up to 42% of the total system cost when compared to concrete.

AXEDO® Chambers

  AXEDO 200 AXEDO 300 AXEDO 450-2 AXEDO 600
Diameter (mm) 200 300 450 600
SfA7 Compliance Type 4 Type 4 Type 3 Type 3
SfS3 Compliance
Other Standards
EN 1852
Complies with
BS EN 13598-2
BS EN 13598-2
BS EN 13598-2
BS EN 752:2008
Cover Types A15, B125 A15, B125 A15, B125, C250, D400 A15, B125, C250, D400
Max. Invert Depth (m) 2.0 2.0 6.0* 6.0*
Inlet Sizes (mm OD) 110, 160 110, 160 110, 160 160, 250, 315, 400
Base Configurations Straight 45° Double Branch
Swept Cross
(with 45° Double Branch)
Swept Cross
Sewers for Adoption (SfA7) & Sewers for Scotland (SfS3) compliance * Adoptable AXEDO 450-2 & AXEDO 600 max. invert depth 3.0m

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