No Dig Repair Kits

What are No Dig Repair Kits?

Pipe Repair Kits, together with packers, provide a reliable and cost-effective system for the permanent and watertight localised repair of sewers and drains by the No-Dig technique. By eliminating the need for costly and often disruptive excavation, these kits save the contractor time and money.

Features & Benefits

  • Minimum disruption due to No-Dig application
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Permanent and watertight repair
  • Reduces preparation time and wastage
  • Pre-measured components ensure accurate mixing of resin
  • Elimination of resin mixing buckets and measuring cable and wires cylinder
  • System has WRc approval
  • 50-year projected lifespan for the completed repair
  • Bonds to most pipe materials.


  • Repair of cracked, fractured and broken pipes, including clay, concrete, pitch fibre, asbestos cement, cast iron and PVCu pipes.
  • Repair of pipe joints damaged by root intrusion or ground movement.

Pack Contents

Each Pipe Doctor No Dig Repair Kit, supplied by Fernco, contains all the materials required for a single repair and, by reducing both preparation time and wastage, is a cost-effective alternative to purchasing materials in bulk.

Pack Contents
2-part resin bag for ease of mixing and use
Pre-measured fibreglass matting
Packer protection
Protective groundsheet
Resin spreader
Plastic cable ties and wire ties
Protective gloves
All components of the Pipe Repair Kits can be supplied in bulk if required.