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Flexible Couplers

JDP offers a comprehensive range of pipe connection and repair couplers, bushes, puddle flanges and end stops. We provide the most extensive range of couplings available, specifically designed to connect and repair pipelines of different materials or sizes used in sewerage, drainage and other underground applications.

When excavation work is required to repair a damaged pipe, our couplings will reduce the amount of time required, and minor differences in pipe diameter can be accommodated. Larger diameter differences are installed using a suitably sized bush.

The combination of a durable design and excellent sealing properties enables our couplings to provide a reliable seal on rough pipe surfaces e.g. concrete, and a high performance seal on smooth surfaces e.g. PVCu.

Our couplings can be combined with bushes in order to act as an adaptor between pipelines of widely differing outside diameters. A bush will be required by the contractor when connecting pipes of different materials or sizes i.e. when outside diameters of the joints exceeds 12mm.

We can also supply standard couplings with nitrile sleeves.

Features & Benefits
  • Durable design ensuring a high performance and reliable seal
  • Stainless steel shear band provides excellent resistance to heavy loads and shear forces
  • Reduces excavation work
  • Shear band ensures joint flexibility and pipe alignment
  • High performance sealing properties of the couplings eliminates need for grouting in most applications
  • WIS 4-41-01 approved

When used individually or combined with bushes, our couplings have many applications in the construction, repair and maintenance of pipe systems:

  • As a joint for plain ended pipes
  • Repair and maintenance of existing pipelines
  • Connecting short and cut lengths of pipe
  • Making post construction connections to an existing pipeline
  • Reconnection of laterals on renovated sewers
  • Introducing rocker pipe outside manholes or structures

Pressure Ratings Standard Couplings and Bushes

  • Upto 620mm - 2.5 bar
  • 635mm to 995mm - 1.0 bar
  • Over 995mm - 0.6 bar
  • Extra wide couplings - 0.6 bar

Standard Couplings and Bushes up to 620mm comply with WIS 4-41-01, EN 295-4, EN 681-1.

Standard/Extra Wide/Euro Couplings

Insertion of a junction or repair of existing pipeline using Standard Extra Wide Couplings.

Recommended Tightening Torques (Nm)

Standard/Extra Wide Couplings

Up to 300mm

300 to 620mm



Large standard/Extra Wide Couplings

Up to 1200mm

Over 1200mm



Drain & Adaptor Couplings

Lateral Connectors & Saddles



  1. Cut section from pipeline using pipe cutter or disc saw and remove.
  2. This should be about 20mm longer than the junction or short pipe length to be installed.
  3. Loosen clamps on coupling and slide onto each end of existing pipeline then position new junction or short pipe length. (Lubricant not required.)
  4. Place pencil mark half a coupling width from each joint.
  5. Using these pencil marks, centre a coupling over one joint at a time.
  6. Tighten the worm drive units in sequence across the width of the coupling to recommended torque. Central shear ring is on the coupling, this should be tightened first.
  7. Upon completion of joints, carefully tamp bedding material under the pipe.


Installing Drain Couplings

  1. Slide the coupling fully onto pipe; positon next pipe.
  2. Mark one pipe with a pencil, half a coupling width from the joint.
  3. Centre coupling over joint.
  4. Tighten clamps to recommended torque and tamp bedding material under pipe.

Installing Adaptor Couplings

  1. Slide coupling fully onto larger pipe.
  2. Mark smaller pipe with a pencil, half a coupling width from the joint.
  3. Insert smaller pipe up to the mark.
  4. Tighten clamps to recommended torque and tamp bedding material under pipe.


Installing a Standard Coupling using a Bush.

  1. Slide the bush over the end of the similar pipe. Loosen the clips on the coupling and place on the end of the larger pipe.
  2. If required, additional bushes can be placed over the first to obtain the necessary thickness.
  3. Push pipes together and slide the coupling over the bush until the ends are level. (Lubricant not required.)
  4. Tighten the central shear ring then clamps to recommended torque.
  5. Upon completion of joints, carefully tamp bedding material under the pipe.

Lateral Connector

  1. Drill 90° hole to pipe axis.
  2. Clean and file drill hole.
  3. Press Lateral Connector (L.C.) into socket.
  4. Pull L.C. up until bottom flange is tight against inside wall pipe.
  5. Mark incoming lateral pipe 80mm from end/lubricate pipe and L.C.
  6. Now press pipe down to lowest stop (mark disappears). Tighten the clamp to 6 Nm.