AXEDO® Inspection Chambers

Why chose AXEDO?

Safety in confined spaces

One of the key drainage issues, which must always be considered, by contractors, installers and maintenance engineers is that of the health and safety of employees and operatives.

The Confined Spaces Regulations 1997 states: “No person at work shall enter a confined space to carry out work for any purpose, unless it is not reasonably practicable to achieve that purpose without such entry.”

AXEDO - the safe solution

The AXEDO chambers are designed to be installed at depths of up to 6m and comprises of a base unit available in various channel configurations, with shaft, sealing ring and restrictor cap.

The shaft is finished at ground level with a cover slab and cover also available from JDP. The base unit is available with various sized connections to all main UK pipe systems including PVC, HDPE twinwall and clay. Other pipe systems and sizes can be accommodated with the use of adaptors or inlet reducers. Flexibility to adapt to site conditions is provided with integrated deflection sockets accommodating for angular movement.

Features & Benefits

  • Fully sealed system
  • Lightweight & ease of installation
  • Chemical & corrosion resistant
  • Safe inspection & maintenance
  • Recyclable
  • Adaptable to all pipe types
  • Wide choice of flow profiles and sizes
  • Install up to 3 metres deep adoptable systems
  • Install up to 6 metres deep non-adoptable systems


Include use as demarcation chambers or main sewer or surface water inspection chambers.

AXEDO® Chambers

  An AXEDO 200 chamber. An AXEDO 300 chamber. An AXEDO 450 chamber. An AXEDO 600 chamber.
  AXEDO 200 AXEDO 300 AXEDO 450-2 AXEDO 600
Diameter (mm) 200 300 450 600
SfA7 Compliance Type 4 Type 4 Type 3 Type 3
SfS3 Compliance
Other Standards
EN 1852
Complies with
BS EN 13598-2
BS EN 13598-2
BS EN 13598-2
BS EN 752:2008
Cover Types A15, B125 A15, B125 A15, B125, C250, D400 A15, B125, C250, D400
Max. Invert Depth (m) 2.0 2.0 6.0* 6.0*
Inlet Sizes (mm OD) 110, 160 110, 160 110, 160 160, 250, 315, 400
Base Configurations Straight 45° Double Branch
Swept Cross
(with 45° Double Branch)
Swept Cross
Sewers for Adoption (SfA7) & Sewers for Scotland (SfS3) compliance * Adoptable AXEDO 450-2 & AXEDO 600 max. invert depth 3.0m

AXEDO® Adaptors

Pipe Type 110mm 160mm 250mm 315mm
UltraRib - 02082081UR 02082083UR 02082084UR
Polysewer - 02082081PS 02082083PS 02082084PS
JFC Twinwall - 02082081TW 02082083JFC 02082084JFC
Polypipe Twinwall - 02082081TW 02082083PP 02082084PP
Supersleeve 02082080HEP 02082081HEP 02082083HEP 02082084HEP
Densleve 02082080NAY 02082081NAY 02082083NAY 02082084NAY