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ULTRA3: Reducing plastic pollution

A modern sewerage network focused on installation, sustainability and compliance; with a recycled core ULTRA3 helps to reduce plastic pollution.

225/250mm ULTRA3 sewer pipe

Almost every property in the UK has underground drainage that removes wastewater to a collection point, such as treatment plants, through local or mains sewerage networks.

These widely used pipes span hundreds of thousands of miles many of which are manufactured using newly produced (or “virgin”) PVC, or are clay or concrete pipes.

At JDP, as part of Tessenderlo Group, we are focused on sustainability introducing and stocking in-depth products to the industry that offer genuine benefits to customers, and help lowers the environmental cost of their manufacture, transport or installation.


PVC recyclate is processed and compressed into ULTRA3s intermediary layer

JDP has worked closely with its manufacturing partners to develop and introduce ULTRA3 into the UK as a range of 100/110mm to 600/630mm (ID/OD) EN 13476-2 PVC-U sewer pipes, suitable for both house drainage and adoptable sewers compliant with water authority requirements.

Its dual-purpose nature, full combination of fittings and direct connections to PPIC and AXEDO® inspection chambers makes ULTRA3 an ultimate underground sewer drainage system.

During ULTRA3’s manufacturing process PVC recyclate (a mixture of post-industrial recycled material and post-consumer recycled material) is collected and processed from various sources across Europe and compressed into an intermediary layer between two thin layers of virgin PVC.

The process creates a strong product superior to standard EN 1401 pipe, and arguably easier to handle and install than alternative EN 13476 products, as well as being manufactured from a minimum of 40% recycled material. This is an independently verified process by KIWA Covenant CVNT-K86540/01 and as defined by ISO 14021:1999.

ULTRA3 is a new generation of pipework and components that focuses on installation, sustainability and compliance and available from JDP branches across the UK.

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Reducing Plastic Pollution Series

Reducing Plastic Pollution is a series of articles from JDP highlighting how Tessenderlo Group and its manufacturing partners are focusing on sustainability, utilising recycled materials in products, and developing more efficient transportation to reduce dependency on new plastics and reduce plastic pollution.

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