HDPE & PVC Gullies

  1. HDPE & PVC gullies are suitable for road or yard drainage applications. A high quality plastic, easy to handle and install, alternative to heavy concrete and clay gullies. They are suitable for both trapped and untrapped systems and are easily adapted to various pipe systems.
  2. A range of accessories is available, including gully cover slabs that key into the gully and eliminate the need for brickwork to finished level.
  3. The Davigulli has been designed by JDP through understanding the needs of both the installer and the local authority who maintain the system. Through the BBA accreditation JDP’s customers have commented on the Davigulli, proving its quality....”good product-many thousands used in the region” “used/specified for 10 years and on in excess of 1000 sites".
  4. The Davigulli is particularly beneficial for ease of cleaning with its smooth chamfered sides.
  5. The Dykagully has the benefit of a specially designed integrated grate, which can independently rotate eliminating the need for additional brickwork or a cover slab.

Features & Benefits

  • Lightness and superior strength
  • Effective keying into the concrete surround
  • Nested gullies lock together for easy handling, transportation and safer storage on site
  • Adaptors available to suit a range of pipe systems

Road Gullies 160mm Outlet

Pole Boxes
Code Description Diameter (mm) Capacity litres
0601DG750 750mm Davigulli 450 80
0602DG900 900mm Davigulli 450 104
0602RG750X450 750mm Ridgigully 450 80
0602RG900X450 900mm Ridgigully 450 104
0601PG 750mm Pavement Gully 375 -
0610MA100 Multi Adaptor 160x160-178mm - -
0612RF150X25 150/178mm Ridgiflex x 25m - -

Yard Gullies 110m Outlet

Yard gully.
Code Description Diameter (mm) Capacity litres
0603UGBASE110 700mm Dykagully Base 315 20
0603UGSTOP Dykagully Hinged Grating Class B125 (Rotating) - -
0603UGSILT Dykagully Silt Bucket - -
0601RG600X300 600mm Midigully 300 24
0601RGSB Midigully - -

Concrete Gullies

Pole Boxes


We offer a range of precast concrete road gullies with 150mm trapped outlets, manufactured to meet Design Chemical Class 4 as defined in BRE Special digest 1 ‘ Concrete in aggressive ground’ Part 4 : Design guides for specific precast products’.

Gullies are produced monolithically from fully automated machines, providing a strong robust unit, needing no concrete surround and not subject to flotation.

For quick and efficient offloading, an attachment is available which can be quickly fitted to a standard forklift truck, or suitable mechanical off loader. The attachment enables concrete gullies to be handled and offloaded in pairs.

Precast concrete road gullies can be supplied with adaptors for connection to clay or plastic pipes.

Code I/Dia (mm) A Nominal Wall Thickness (mm) Width (mm) B Effective Depth (mm) C Capacity (litres) Weight per Unit (kg) Outlet I/Dia (mm) D Approximate Measurement (mm) E No. per Full 23.5 Tonne Load
1801300450GULLY 300 - - 450 14 120 150 250 -
1801300600GULLY 300 - - 600 23 151 150 - -
1801375750GULLY 375 55 698 750 50 188 150 250 125
1801375900GULLY 375 55 698 900 69 216 150 250 108
1801450750GULLY 450 55 560 750 70 223 150 250 105
1801450900GULLY 450 55 560 900 95 255 150 250 92
18014501050GULLY 450 55 560 1050 120 287 150 250 81
18014501200GULLY 450 - - 1200 151 325 150 250 -

Gully Cover Slabs - 450mm Dia

Gully cover slabs.
Code Slab Overall Dimension (mm) Kg
1801LSS600 Square 750x650x100 80
1801LSS675 U 585x650x100 590


HDPE & PVC Gullies

Road Gullies BBA cetified

Concrete Gullies

Concrete gullies available from JDP comply with BS5911-6:2004

HDPE & PVC Gullies

Plastic gully pots shall be set on and surrounded by ST2 concrete. The surround shall be 200mm thick with a 100mm bed above the base slab in 14.

Alternatively, a 150 mm surround of ST4 concrete using Sulphate-resisting cement and 20mm nominal size aggregate may be used.

Concrete Gullies

Concrete gully pots shall be installed in accordance with BBA approval requirements. The Engineer would expect the pots to be set on and surrounded by 150mm of ST2 concrete sulphate resistant cement.