Bedding Mortars & Tarmac

JDP provide a range of BBA & Highways Agency approved cement, bitumen and resin based products for use in highway construction and reinstatement works.

Cold Lay Macadam

Permanent cold lay surfacing macadam gives first time permanent reinstatements and pothole repairs in footways, footpaths, cycle tracks and roads. The product It is suitable for both permanent and temporary repairs to potholes and reinstatement areas.

Rapid Set Bedding Mortar

Rapid strength bedding mortars for bedding ironwork, such as manhole cover frames during repairs, may be trafficked when the strength is expected to be 20N/mm2. A family of products designed for the bedding of manhole frames and road furniture with specific timing for road opening within 45 / 60 / 90 / 120 or 180 minutes.

Environmentally Friendly Bedding Mortar

New generation, environmentally friendly bedding mortar specifically formulated for the bedding of ironwork conforming to the Highways Agency Design Manual for Roads and Bridges: Mortars for Bedding ironwork, HA104/02, part5, clause 6.1 and is suitable for use in wet weather conditions.

Polyester Resin Mortars

Polyester resin based products available in summer and winter grades designed to allow road opening in the shortest time possible include. Ultra rapid grout, designed to flow into areas under frames being installed on vehicular roadways. Ultra rapid mortar, designed for bedding and leveling of all frames in vehicular surfaces. Kerb fixing, designed for fixing kerbs with high value adhesion to asphalt.

Rapid Set Concrete

Premium grade rapid setting concrete. Designed for rapid reinstatement of all road and street furniture at ambient temperatures down to +1°C. Hardens within 10 minutes to allow continuation work. Can be hand mixed, ideal for use by mobile repair teams.