Within the range of ductile iron gratings are all the tried and tested products that Civil contractors would expect from a respected national distributor like JDP. In addition JDP are always looking for innovative time and cost saving solutions, such as the Retromax range of products, designed to alleviate common problems associated with grating replacements for local authorities and highway maintenance companies.


Ductile Iron gratings are suitable for use in main carriageway construction, the exact positioning of each class of product is indicated in the illustration below.

Special loadings class E600 & F900 are only used in extremely heavy trafficked areas, or where particular specification demands.

Features and Benefits

  • Manufactured to BS EN124 Class F900
  • 90 Tonne safe test load
  • HA104/02 compliant
  • Kitemarked for third party assurance of quality
  • Non rock for added stability & silent operation
  • Ductile iron for improved weight to strength ratio
  • Black coated finish
  • Optional badging – i.e. FW, SW

Gratings Range

Pole Boxes
Code Description
0621KD52D 500x350 Clear Opening
0621KD52D6 500x350 Clear Opening - Rear Hinged
0621KD54D 600x450 Clear Opening
0621KD57D 750x450 Clear Opening - Dished Grate & Frame
0621KD44D 1000x450 Clear Opening - Twin Double Triangular
0621KD53D 450x450mm Clear Opening