Water Ducting

Water Twinwall HDPE Ducting

JDP supply water ducting in a twinwall HDPE to BS EN50086-2-4. These externally corrugated / smooth internal bore, blue HDPE twinwall ducts conform to BS EN50086-2-4 and are available in lengths and coils.


Produced to BS EN50086-2-4.


ID / OD (mm) 40/50 50/63 75/90 94/110 137/160
Pipe 50m 0707RC5050BL 0707RC6350BL - 0707RC11050BL -
Couplers 0707CRC50 0707CRC63 - 0707CRC110 -
Seals 0707RCS50 0707RCS63 - 0707RCS110 -
End Caps 0707RCE50 0707RCE63 - 0707RCE110 -


ID / OD (mm) 94/110 100/120 137/160 150/178
Pipe 6m 0707ENTW94X6BL 0707ENTW100X6BL 0707ENTW137X6BL 0707ENTW150X6BL
Couplers 0707CRC110 0707CRC120 0707CRC160 0707CRC178
Seals 0707RCS110 0707RCS120 0707RCS160 0707RCS178
End Caps 0707RCE110 0707RCE120 0707RCE160 0707RCE178
11.25° Bends 0707BDRB94X11 0707BDRB120X11 0707BDRB160X11 0707BDRB178X11
22.5° Bends 0707BDRB94X22 0707BDRB120X22 0707BDRB160X22 0707BDRB178X22
45° Bends 0707BDRB94X45 0707BDRB120X45 0707BDRB160X45 0707BDRB178X45
90° Bends 0707BDRB94X90 0707BDRB120X90 0707BDRB160X90 0707BDRB178X90
* Also available in 225 & 300mm ID