uPVC Telecommunications Ducting

Telecommunications ducting systems supplied by JDP are fully approved for use on the national BT network. This grey ducting system is available in 54mm or 96.5mm manufactured in uPVC. and conform to BS EN50086-2-4. Available in lengths suitable for telecommunications use.


  • BT network cabling
  • Telecommunications cabling


Manufactured in accordance with dimensions and performance requirements, tried and tested by the telecommunications industry. BS EN50086:2:4.

Manufactured to BT Specification.

Grey Telecommunications uPVC Duct

ID/OD (mm) 49/54 90/96.5
Pipe 6m SS 070154DX6* 070196.5DX6GR
Couplers 070954DRUMCG 0709965DRUMCG
Connector Sleeve - 0709519
End Caps 07091902 07091875
11.25° Bends 070954DRUM1125G 0709965DRUM1125G
22.5° Bends 070954DRUM225G 0709965DRUM225G
45° Bends 070954DRUM45G 0709965DRUM45G
90° Bends 070954DRUM90G 0709965DRUM90G
Swept Tee 96.5 x 54mm - 07094479
Split Swept Tee 96.5 x 54mm - 07093342
Equal Y Branch - 07093683
Reducer 96.5 x 54mm - 07093189
Caulking Gland 07023666 07093476
* Also available in 3m lengths