General Purpose Ducting

Twinwall HDPE

Street Lighting Twinwall

General purpose ducts manufactured in twinwall and uPVC conforming to no specific standards are also supplied by JDP for general purpose use.

This black non Kite Marked ducting retains many of the same features and benefits as the BS EN50086-2-4 system, for applications that do not require a full BS EN specification duct. It is an ideal superior alternative to uPVC Daviduct in these applications.

ID / OD (mm) 94/110 150/178
Pipe 6m 0707TW94X6 0707TW150X6
For fittings use Twinwall HDPE Class 3 Power ducting. Other colours available subject to minimum order volumes.


Twinwall HDPE general purpose ducting conforms to no specific standards.

uPVC Type 4660

Street Lighting Twinwall

uPVC Type 4660 Duct is manufactured to the dimensional requirements of BS4660. This system offers a greater strength than uPVC General Purpose duct systems and is supplied in black / dark grey colour and as a ring sealed system as standard, although unsealed systems are available.

ID/OD (mm) 104.8/110 152.2/160
Pipe 6m SS 07011104660 07011604660
Couplers 01024D20D 01026D20D
11.25° Bends 0709110DRUM11 0709160DRUM11
22.5° Bends 0709110DRUM225 0709160DRUM225
45° Bends 0709110DRUM45 0709160DRUM45
90° Bends 0709110DRUM90 0709160DRUM90


uPVC Type 4660 is manufactured to the dimensional requirements of BS4660.

uPVC Daviduct

Street Lighting Twinwall

Daviduct is a cost effective alternative to higher specification systems, for use in light and medium duty applications. The products are manufactured to traditionally accepted dimensions but do not meet the requirements of BS EN 50086-2-4:1994. General Purpose ducting is not suitable for Highways Agency applications and will require a higher standard of installation than more robust systems for successful performance.

ID/OD (mm) 50/54 (2") 85/89 (3") 110/114 (4") 162/168 (6") 193/200 (8")
Pipe 6m SS 07012DD 07013DD 07014DD 07016DD 07018DD
Couplers 07092DBGP 07093DBGP 07094DBGP 07096DBGP 07098DBGP
End Caps 0709DUCT2AE 0709DUCT3AE 0709DUCT4BE 0709DUCT6BE 0709DUCT8BE
11.25° Bends 07092DBGP1125 07093DBGP1125 07094DBGP1125 07096DBGP1125 07098DBGP1125
22.5° Bends 07092DBGP225 07093DBGP225 07094DBGP225 07096DBGP225 07098DBGP225
45° Bends 07092DBGP45 07093DBGP45 07094DBGP45 07096DBGP45 07098DBGP45
90° Bends 07092DBGP90 07093DBGP90 07094DBGP90 07096DBGP90 07098DBGP90
45° Y Junction 07092JF45YJ 07093JF45YJ 07094JF45YJ 07096JF45YJ 07098JF45YJ
90° T Junction 07092JF90TJ 07093JF90TJ 07094JF90TJ 07096JF90TJ 07098JF90TJ


Manufactured to traditionally accepted dimensions, but are not covered by any approvals.