Ducting Accessories

Duct Spacers

Street Lighting Twinwall

110mm and 120mm OD duct spacers are available to secure multiple installations of corresponding sized duct.

ID / OD (mm) 94/110 100/120
2 way 0707RBS110X2 0707RBS118X2
4 way 0707RBS110X4 -

Draw Cord

Street Lighting Twinwall
0711DCORD220 220mm x 6mm Thick Coil
0711DCORD500 500m x 6mm Thick Drum
0711DRAW8X220 220m x 8mm Thick Coil
0711DRAW8X500 500m x 8mm Thick Coil

Precast Concrete Marker Blocks

Street Lighting Twinwall

Precast Concrete Marker Blocks help to locate and identify buried service lines. They are part of a range of accessories that may be used in conjunction with access ducting and service protection markers. There are four standard Marker Blocks. Other non-standard specials can be made on a bespoke basis.


Indented Lettering

The Marker Blocks have lettering formed in the top surface of the units to identify the service it is identifying. Bespoke letters and numerals can be supplied subject to normal minimum quantities.

Supplementary Identification Plate Recess

CG2 and CG3 Marker Blocks have a recess formed in the top face of the unit. This provides the opportunity to attach a supplementary identification plate, if required, using a suitable adhesive.