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Reinforcing Mesh

Bundle of Twinwall

JDP supply reinforcing mesh for general concreting applications

BS Reference Mesh Size Nominal Pitch of Wires Wire Sizes Cross Sectional Area per Metre Width Nominal Weight per m2 (kg) Sheets per tonne (approx) Sheet Weight (kg) Sheets per Bundle Square Metres per tonne
Main Cross Main Cross Main Cross
A393M 200mm 200mm 10mm 10mm 393mm2 393mm2 6.16 23 44.35 26 162.34
A252M 200mm 200mm 8mm 8mm 252mm2 252mm2 3.95 35 28.44 30 253.16
A193M 200mm 200mm 7mm 7mm 193mm2 193mm2 3.02 46 21.74 50 331.31
A142M 200mm 200mm 6mm 6mm 142mm2 142mm2 2.22 63 15.98 50 450.45
B785M 100mm 200mm 10mm 8mm 785mm2 252mm2 8.14 17 58.61 20 122.85