JDP offers a wide range of aggregates that are durable and versatile. Aggregates can be used in a wide variety of applications including concrete and asphalt production, sub-base, capping and drainage systems as well as for decorative purposes.

Aggregates are sourced within the local region; therefore JDP's offering may vary from branch to branch. Please contact your local JDP for details.

Consult the table below to select aggregates based on application.

Ordering the right amount

When you are ready to order the aggregates you require, please have the following measurements available:

  • The length of the area
  • The width of the area
  • The depth of the area
Features & Benefits
  • Available in 25kg or 1 tonne bulk bags
  • Decorative and practical uses
  • Pipework bedding or filter material
  • Bulk fill material
  • General and specialist construction
  • Driveway and pathway finishes
  • Decorative landscaping


Product name What's it like? What's it for?
20/40mm Coarse Aggregate Single sized and graded coarse aggregates including: crushed limestone, crushed granite, crushed gritstone, crushed & uncrushed gravel and secondary aggregates. Can be used in concrete and asphalt production, civil engineering (pipe bedding and surround, filter media) and for decorative uses.
20/32.5mm Coarse Aggregate
10/20mm Coarse Aggregate
6/14mm Coarse Aggregate
4/10mm Coarse Aggregate
2/6mm Coarse Aggregate
4/40mm Graded Aggregate
4/20mm Graded Aggregate
2/14mm Graded Aggregate
0/40mm All-In Aggregate
0/20mm All-In Aggregate
0/10mm All-In Aggregate
0/6.3mm All-In Aggregate
Product name What's it like? What's it for?
0/4mm Fine Aggregate (Coarse) Natural sands and crushed rock fine aggregates in the size range 0-4mm Can be used in concrete, asphalt and mortar production. It can also be used decoratively or as bedding for block paving
0/4mm Fine Aggregate (Medium)
Bedding Sand
0/2mm Fine Aggregate (Medium) Natural sands and crushed rock fine aggregates in the size range 0-3mm
0/2mm Fine Aggregate (Fine)
Building Sand
Crusher Run Well graded crushed rock in the size range 0-125mm Generally used as bulk fill to stabilize structures and pavements. May also be used for footpaths or as a temporary running surface
Quarry Scalpings
6F Capping Materials
Type 1 Granular Sub-Base
Walling Stone Large single-sized crushed rock in the size range 100-500mm For use as dry stone walling
Armour stone For use in sea and river defence work
Railway Track Ballast For use in bedding under railway tracks
Gabion Stone Ideal filling for Gabion baskets
Rockery Stone Ideal for use in the garden
Golden Amber Gravel Single-sized gravels Can be used in a range of decorative applications e.g. driveways and footpaths


Depending on the application, JDP are able to supply materials in full compliance with all of the following British and European Standards:

  • BS EN 12620
  • BS EN 13043
  • BS EN 13285
  • BS EN 13242
  • BS EN 13450
  • BS EN 13383
  • BS 8007 and Specification for Highway Works