New FORS-approved vehicles focus on safety

Additional features ensure safer deliveries and comply with FORS standards.

Driver next to lorry

As part of a £1.5 million investment in new vehicles, JDP has taken its first delivery of the latest 26t HIAB trucks to its fleet.

The six new trucks feature audible left-turn safety warnings, vehicle CCTV, rear parking cameras and remote control operated crane to ensure customers continue to receive a safe, responsible and reliable delivery service from JDP.

In line with JDP's sustainability targets the vehicles also feature EURO6 engines, making sure their emissions are the lowest possible for this method of transport.

From delivery the vehicles are added to JDP's FORS bronze-accredited fleet, where the independent audit in 2016 found JDP to be one of the safest operators in the UK. The company continues to strive for the gold standard with investment in new transport, safer driving practices and regular training of colleagues.

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