Tunnel System

Chamber Tunnel Systems

The Hydro Chamber tunnel system is backfilled with 35-50mm clean washed crushed stone, the stone / chamber combination provides excellent structural strength as shown in independent field tests where the chambers were exposed to loads four times that expected in service.


  • Soakaway or storage applications
  • Trafficked and non trafficked applications
  • Excavation depths in excess of 3.5m
  • System sizes from 2m3 - >10,000m3
  • Large or small storage capacity
  • Where access for inspection is required
  • Accepted for adoption by water authorities *may vary between regions

Features & Benefits

  • WRc certification
  • Superior structural strength
  • Field tested to 200kN single axel load
  • Silt / grit management system
  • Suitable for visual and camera inspection
  • Suitable for flushing and jetting maintenance
  • Unique watertight pipe joint (HydroSeal)
  • Stackable for transport and site storage
  • Foundation design guidelines
  • Technical support and project management available