Twinwall Drainage

Pallets of twinwall at a JDP branch.

Twinwall pipes are manufactured from a twin extrusion process where two HDPE pipes are extruded and heat welded simultaneously, one inside the other, to create a corrugated pipe with a smooth inner wall which assists hydraulic flow.

Available as unperforated (also known as carrier drain) and perforated (filter drain) twinwall pipe weighs less than 6% of the equivalent size of concrete pipe, and so has grown in popularity for collecting and carrying surface and storm water in a drainage system.

JDP offer one of the largest ranges of twinwall drainage systems in the UK. As well as BBA approved twinwall pipe and fittings JDP provide alternatives for projects, such as agriculture or field drainage, which don't require stringent approvals.

JDP's Fabrication Team specialise in manufacturing fittings in-house which can offer large cost savings to these projects.

Plain Ended Twinwall

Order couplings separately. If creating a sealed system sealing rings are required.
  Perforated Unperforated
Nominal Size (mm) Length (m) ID (mm) OD (mm) Weight / m (kg) Code Code
100 6 100 119 0.8 0425110TPP 0425110TPU
150 6 149 178 1.4 0425150TPP 0425150TPU
225 6 221 265 3.0 0425225TPP 0425225TPU
300 6 295 354 5.0 0425300TPP 0425300TPU
375 6 372 426 6.0 0425375TPP 0425375TPU
450 6 445 512 8.5 0425450TPP 0425450TPU
600 6 592 680 14.5 0425600TPP 0425600TPU
For larger sizes, please see JDP's Large Diameter HDPE section. Half perforated also available upon request.


Nominal Size (mm) Code
100 0425110TC
150 0425150TC
225 0425225TC
300 0425300TC
375 0425375TC
450 0425450TC
600 0425600TC

Sealing Rings

Nominal Size (mm) Code
100 0425110TRS
150 0425150TRS
225 0425225TRS
300 0425300TRS
375 0425375TRS
450 0425450TRS
600 0425600TRS

End Caps

Nominal Size (mm) Code
100 0401EC1059
150 0401EC1778
225 0401EC5064
300 0401EC6010

Double Socket Bends

Nominal Size (mm) 11.25° / 15° 22.5° / 30° 45° 90°
100 0425100X15TB 0425100X30TB 0425100X45TB 0425100X90TB
150 0425150X15TB 0425150X30TB 0425150X45TB 0425150X90TB
225 0425225X15TB 0425225X30TB 0425225X45TB 0425225X90TB
300 0425300X15TB 0425300X30TB 0425300X45TB 0425300X90TB
375 0425375X15TB 0425375X30TB 0425375X45TB 0425375X90TB
450 0425450X15TB 0425450X30TB 0425450X45TB 0425450X90TB
600 0425600X15TB 0425600X30TB 0425600X45TB 0425600X90TB

Equal Junctions

Nominal Size (mm) 45° 90°
100 0425100X45YJ 0425100X45TJ
100 0425100X45YJ 0425100X45TJ
100 0425100X45YJ 0425100X45TJ
100 0425100X45YJ 0425100X45TJ
100 0425100X45YJ 0425100X45TJ
100 0425100X45YJ 0425100X45TJ
100 0425100X45YJ 0425100X45TJ

Unequal Junctions

Nominal Size (mm)  
Main Branch 45° 90°
150 100 0425150X100YJ 0425150X100TJ
225 150 0425225X100YJ 0425225X100TJ
225 100 0425225X100YJ 0425225X100TJ
300 225 0425300X225YJ 0425300X225TJ
300 150 0425300X150YJ 0425300X150TJ
300 225 0425300X225YJ 0425300X225TJ
375 150 0425375X150YJ 0425375X150TJ
450 150 0425450X150YJ 0425450X150TJ
600 150 0425600X150YJ 0425600X150TJ

Level Invert Reducers

Size A (mm) Size B (mm) Code
150 100 0425150X100TR
225 150 0425225X150TR
300 225 0425300X225TR
300 150 0425300X150TR
375 225 0425375X225TR
375 300 0425375X300TR
450 300 0425450X300TR
450 375 0425450X375TR
600 150 0425600X150TR
600 300 0425600X300TR


Twinwall unslotted carrier pipes and slotted filter pipes and couplings must be installed in accordance with highway authority requirements and clauses 503, 505 and 518 of the manual of contract documents for highway works.

  1. For typical laying, trench and backfilling specification details reference should be made to the manual of contract documents for highway works, volume 3 drawing No F1, Types T and S and F2, Types G, H and I.
  2. Pipes are cut easily using conventional hand tools, and should be cut square between the corrugations.
  3. For a watertight joint, the pipe ends and coupler should be cleaned and the rubber seal fitted externally between the first and second corrugation in the pipe. The inside of the coupler should be lubricated and the pipe pushed fully home to the central register either by hand, or using a lever if necessary.
  4. Twinwall slotted & unslotted pipes and couplings must be protected against damage from site construction traffic.
  5. Care should be taken during backfill to maintain the line and level of the pipeline. If necessary, the pipe should be restrained to prevent uplift.