Waste Systems

What are waste systems?

A collection of push fit waste fittings.

Waste systems carry water from sinks, bathrooms and applicances to the soil and vent pipes (or directly into underground drains.

JDP supply Waste Systems in solvent MuPVC and ABS as well as push fit and compression systems in polypropylene. These include a range of waste traps.

Features and Benefits

  • Virtually no maintenance
  • Comprehensive range of colours
  • Easy to install
  • Leak free jointing


  • ABS solvent weld systems to BS EN1455-1.
  • Polypropylene push fit systems to BS EN1451-1.
  • Waste traps to BS EN274.

Solvent Weld Waste System

Product 32mm 40mm 50mm
Wastepipe 3m 0302WS01 0302WS02 0302WS03
Knuckle Bend - 90° 0302WS10 0302WS11 0302WS12
Swept Tee - 92½° 0302WS22 0302WS23 0302WS24
Spigot Bend - 45° 0302WS76 0302WS77 -
Swept Bend - 92½° 0302WS14 0302WS15 0302WS16
Obtuse Bend - 135° 0302WS18 0302WS19 0302WS20
Swivel Bend - 92½° 0302WS26 0302WS27 0302WS28
Straight Coupler 0302WS07 0302WS08 0302WS09
Expansion Coupling 0302WS61 - -
Threaded Coupling - BSP Female 0302WS66 0302WS67 -
Pipe Clip 0302WS34 0302WS35 0302WS36
Crossed Tee - 92½° - 0302WS58 -
Adaptor - Male Iron 0302WS63 0302WS64 -
Screwed Access Plug 0302WS30 0302WS31 0302WS32
Reducer 0302WS38 0302WS39 0302WS40
Tank Connector 0302WS60 0302WS61 -
Junction - 135° 0302WS42 0302WS43 -

Push-Fit Waste System

Product 32mm 40mm 50mm
Wastepipe 3m 0302WP01 0302WP02 0302WP03
Knuckle Bend - 90° 0302WP10 0302WP11 0302WP12
Swept Tee - 91¼° 0302WP22 0302WP23 0302WP24
Straight Coupling 0302WP07 0302WP08 0302WP09
Socket Plug 0302WP30 0302WP31 0302WP32
Tank Connector 0302WP60 0302WP61 -
Swept Bend - 92½° 0302WP14 0302WP15 0302WP16
Obtuse Bend - 135° 0302WP18 0302WP19 0302WP20
Swivel Bend - 90° 0302WP26 0302WP27 -
Reducer 0302WP38 0302WP39 0302WP40
Pipe Clip 0302WP34 0302WP35 0302WP36

Universal Waste System

(White) Polypropylene - Do not solvent weld 11/4 inch / 32mm & 11/2 inch / 40mm nominal (Fittings accept BS5254, BS5255 & Copper Pipe)

Product 32mm 40mm
Wastepipe 3m 0302WP01 0302WP02
Knuckle Bend - 90° 0302WC10 0302WC11
Equal Tee - 91¼° 0302WC22 0302WC23
Reducer 40 x 32mm - 0302WC38
Straight Coupling 0302WC07 0302WC08
Obtuse Bend - 135° 0302WC18 0302WC19
Swivel Elbow - 90° 0302WC26 0302WC27
Pipe Clip 0302WP34 0302WP35


White Polypropylene

Product 32mm 40mm
Bottle Trap
75mm Seal
0302TB37 0302TW47
Shower Trap
19mm Seal - 70mm Plastic Grid
0302TH41 -
Shower Trap
19mm Seal - 70mm Chrome Grid
0302TH43 -
Bath Trap
20mm Seal with Cleaning Eye
- 0302TSB42
Appliance Trap
Swivel 'P' with double adjustable inlet
- 0302TW473 & 0302TWT41

Anti-Syphon Units


Code Description
0302AF32 32mm
0302AF32 40mm
0302AF32 50mm

Lubricants & Solvents

Code Description
0302SG100 Silicone grease
0302SL400 Aerosol Lubricant
0102CF250 Cleaning Fluid 250ml
0302SC125 Solvent cement
0302SC250 Solvent cement

Push Fit System Installation

  1. Cut pipe cleanly at right angles to its axis using a fine tooth saw.
  2. Chamfer spigot end to ensure sealing ring is not displaced when inserted.
  3. Ensure all components are clean, dry and free of dust.
  4. Lubricate evenly round the pipe or fitting.
  5. Insert spigot allowing for an expansion gap when inserted.

Solvent System Installation

  1. Cut pipe cleanly at right angles to its axis using a fine tooth saw.
  2. Read instruction on the solvent and ensure there is sufficient ventilation.
  3. Ensure all components are clean, dry and free of dust.
  4. Clean surfaces of spigot and socket with the degreasing cleaner.
  5. Apply one coat evenly to both surfaces using the applicator or paint brush.
  6. Each joint must be completed within 11/2 minutes.
  7. Hold for 20-30 seconds and remove any surplus solvent cement.
  8. The joint may be handled after 10 minutes and commissioned after 24 hours.