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Soil & Vent Pipe

Soil & Vent Systems

A length of black soil pipe.

Whether you require push fit ring seal or solvent weld, JDP can offer a complete range of uPVC Soil and Vent systems. Lightweight and easy to install, they are available in a range of colours inclusing white, black and grey in 110mm. 82 and160mm also available. The system includes a range of Pan Connectors for connecting the WC.

Features and Benefits
  • Virtually no maintenance
  • Comprehensive range of styles and colours
  • Easy to install
  • Offers cost savings against metal soil and vent systems
  • Venting foul and waste water pipes
  • Connecting above ground foul and waste water pipes from sinks and toilets etc. to below ground drainage pipe systems

BSEN1329-1 & BS4514.

Ring Seal Soil & Vent

Plain End Pipe

Description 4in / 110mm
3m length 0302SP1
4.0m length 0302SP4

Single Socket Pipe

Description 4in / 110mm
3m length 0302SP3
4.0m length 0302SP4

Single Socket

Description 4in / 110mm

Double Socket

Description 4in / 110mm
Remove Centre 0302SP105

Pipe Clips (Plastic)

Description 4in / 110mm
Pipe 0302SP82
Socket 0302SP83

Access Pipe (Single Socket)

Description 4in / 110mm
110mm – 3 Boss 0302SP274

Socket Plug

Description 4in / 110mm

Branches & Bends

Bend (Single Socket)

Description 4in / 110mm
92½° 0302SP161
1121/2º 0302SP162
135º 0302SP163

Bend (Double Socket)

Description 4in / 110mm
92½° 0302SP561

Offset Bend 135° (Double Socket)

Description 4in / 110mm
135° 0302SP440

Offset Bend 135° (Socket/Spigot)

Description 4in / 110mm
135° 0302SP435

Access Bend 921/2º (Single Socket)

Description 4in / 110mm
92½° 0302SP169

Single Branch

Description 4in / 110mm
92½° Equal (2 Boss) 0302SP190
112½° Equal 0302SP200
135° Equal 0302SP210

Adjustable Bend (Ring Seal/Spigot)

Description 4in / 110mm
0-90° (Polypropylene) 0302SP560

(Grey only). Do not Solvent Weld.

Access Branch

Description 4in / 110mm
92½° (4 Boss) 0302SP502

Double Branch

Description 4in / 110mm
92½° 0302SP320

Only for use in vertical position

* When ordering please add colour to code, G = Grey, B = Black, W = White, BR = Brown i.e. 0304SP430G

Bosses & Terminal Fittings

Boss Adaptor (Rubber) Push Fit

Description 4in / 110mm
Description 4in / 110mm
32mm 0302SP10
40mm 0302SP11
50mm 0302SP12

Solvent Adaptor for ABS or MuPVC BS5255 Pipe only

Description 4in / 110mm
32mm BS5255 0302SP20
40mm BS5255 0302SP21
50mm BS5255 0302SP22

Vent Cowl

Description 4in / 110mm

Boss Pipe

Description 4in / 110mm
Ring Seal 0302SP581

Requires Boss Adaptor.

Short Boss Pipe

Description 4in / 110mm
Double Solvent Socket 0302SP583

Requires Boss Adaptor.

Strap Boss (Open)

Description 4in / 110mm
Back Fix Nut & Bolt 0302SP319

Requires Boss Adaptor.


Description 4in / 110mm
110 x 82mm Soil 0302SP97
110 x 68mm Rainwater 0302SP96
160 x 110mm 0302D99
Description 4in / 110mm
(Weathering Collar) 0302SP300

Vent Terminal

Description 4in / 110mm
(Balloon Grating) 0302SP302

*Polypropylene do not solvent weld.

Weathering Slate (Rubber/Aluminium)

Description 4in / 110mm
457 x 457mm Angled 0302SP320

Access Cap

Description 4in / 110mm
Screwed/Spigot Tail 0302SP292

Drain Connector

Description 4in / 110mm

Fire Protection Sleeves

(Metal) 4 Hour

Description 4in / 110mm
110mm Fire Protection Sleeves 0302FC110

Metal shell contains intumescent material. New compact type, use where plastic pipes penetrate walls and floors.

Connectors & Waste Traps

Kwickfit WC Pan Connectors

White Polypropylene – 110mm / 4in. Do not solvent weld.

Description Code
Straight 0302SP101
90° ‘S’ (225mm Leg) 0302SP103
Swan Neck 9° (Set back for tight spaces) 0302SP100
104° ‘P’ 0302SP108
Description Code
Offset – 12mm 0302SP102
Extension Piece (200mm) 0302SP104
Flexible Connector (110dia. x 580mm) Version 0302SP106

Air Admittance Valves

(Grey, Black & White)

image Description Code
image 110mm PVC-U External Push Fit 0302AX110
image 110mm PVC-U Solvent Socket 0302AV110
image 110mm PVC-U Push Fit Socket 0302AF110

To convert to 82mm Solvent Socket Valve, remove seal from 110mm push fit AF110.

82mm & 110mm valves include Polystyrene Insulating Head Cover as per Building Regulations.

Insulating cover no longer required, Floplast valves are BSI tested to BS12389 – A1, temp range of -20ºC - +60ºC