Rainwater Systems

Selection of Rainwater Fittings

JDP stock several styles of rainwater system including “Cast Style” with various capacities to suit any application. Manufactured in uPVC they offer the correct profile to complement any domestic property. Being made from uPVC they are low maintenance and are produced in a range of colours.

Features & Benefits

  • Very low maintenance
  • Comprehensive range of styles and colours
  • Easy to install
  • Offers cost savings against metal gutter systems


  • All roofline drainage applications, where water is to be captured and transported to below ground drainage pipe systems
  • To select the gutter size appropriate to your requirements, two factors must be taken into consideration. A guide to maximum roof area is included in the system selector on page 157
  • - Roof area

    - Gutter flow capacity

    For further reference, refer to BS EN 12056-3:2000 ‘Roof drainage, layout and calculation'

uPVC Rainwater System Selector

Gutter Profile Maximum Roof Area Downpipe System Colour Choice
112mm Half Round 40m² 68mm G, B, W, BR, CI
114mm Square 73m² 65mm G, B, W, BR
114mm Hi-Cap Deep Capacity 88m² 68/80mm G, B, W, BR, CI
110mm Niagara Ogee 104m² 65/68/80mm B, W, BR, CI
170mm Xtraflo High Capacity 206m² 110mm G, B

G = Grey, B = Black, W = White, BR = Brown, CI = Cast Iron

*Figures quoted above are worst case scenarios, flow capacity is dependent on the position of the outlet. For advice please ask your local JDP branch.

BS EN607: 2004, BS NE 12200-1:2000, BS NE 1462: 2004.

Rainwater Guttering

Description 112mm Half Round 110mm Ogee 114mm Hi-Cap 170mm Xtraflo 114mm Square Line
2m Gutter 0302RG2 - - - 0302RGS2
4m Gutter 0302RG4 0302RGN4 0302RGH4 0302RGX4 0302RGS4
Union Bracket 0302RU1 0302RUN1 0302RUH1 0302RUX1 0302RUS1
90° Angle External 0302RA1 0302RAN2 0302RAH1 0302RAX1 0302RAS1
90° Angle Internal 0302RA1 0302RAN1 0302RAH1 0302RAX1 0302RAS1
135° Angle External 0302RA2 0302RAN4 0302RAH2 - 0302RAS2
135° Angle Internal 0302RA2 0302RAN3 0302RAH2 - 0302RAS2
Fabricated Angles 0302RA9* 0302RAN9* 0302RAH9* 0302RAX9* 0302RAS9*
Running Outlet 0302RO1 0302RON1 0302ROH1 0302ROX1 0302ROS1
Short Stop End Outlet 0302RO2 0302RON2/3 - - 0302ROS2
Stop End External L/Hand 0302RE1 0302REN1 0302REH1 0302REX1 0302RES1
Stop End External R/Hand 0302RE1 0302REN2 0302REH1 0302REX1 0302RES1
Stop End External L/Hand 0302RE2 0302REN3 0302REH2 0302REX2 0302RES2
Stop End External R/Hand 0302RE2 0302REN4 0302REH2 0302REX2 0302RES2
Fascia Bracket 0302RK1 0302RKN1 0302RKH1 0302RKX1 0302RKS1
Top Hang Fascia Bracket - 0302RKN2 0302RKH2 - -
Top Rafter 0302RR1 0302RR1 0302RR1 0302RR5 0302RR1
Side Rafter 0302RR2 0302RR2 0302RR2 0302RR6 0302RR2
Rise & Fall 0302RF1 0302RF1 0302RF1 - 0302RF1
*Angle must be specified when ordering

Rainwater Downpipe

Description 68mm Round 65mm Square
2.5m Downpipe 0302RP2.5 0302RPS2.5
4m Downpipe 0302RP4 0302RPS4
5.5m Downpipe 0302RP5.5 0302RPS5.5
Pipe Connector 0302RS1 0302RSS1
Bracket 0302RC1/2/3 0302RCS1/2/3
Square to Round Pipe Adaptor 0302RDS2 0302RDS2
112.5º Offset Bend 0302RB2 0302RBS2
92.5º Offset Bend 0302RB1 0302RBS1
Adjustable Offset Bend - 0302RBS5
Shoe 0302RB3 0302RBS3
112.5º Branch 0302RY1 0302RYS1
Access Pipe 0302RX1 0302RXS1
Hopper Head – Standard 0302RHS1
Rainwater Diverter Kit - fits square or round 0302RVS1


  • Position the gutter outlet vertically above the drain inlet or gully from which the rainwater will be conveyed to the underground drainage system.
  • Fix the outlet in position on the fascia allowing for whatever fall, if any, is required.
  • Fix the gutter support bracket furthest from the outlet at a position on the fascia which will produce a run of gutter either horizontal or to the desired fall.
  • Stretch a line taut between the fixed outlet and support bracket, establishing a straight gutter line.
  • Fix the remainder of the fittings to the fascia following this line, a joint bracket being positioned at each junction of two gutter sections.
  • Where, due to the absence of a fascia or the design of the building, support fittings cannot be fixed, the rafter top bracket and side bracket provide alternatives.
  • Rise and fall brackets driven into the wall will support the gutter system where there is no fascia and rafter brackets are impractical. Position these against alternate sides of joint brackets, running outlets or angles along the installation to prevent excessive thermal movement in any one direction.