When can I use general purpose ducting?

General purpose ducting looks and feels like ducting, but doesn't carry the same standards. Find out when you would use it and learn about the different types.

General purpose ducts are manufactured from either twinwall or uPVC, conforming to no specific standards. This means you would use general purpose ducting for applications which do not require you to meet standards, but these pipes do imitate the ducting’s which do fully conform to the standards.

Twinwall Ducts

Coloured black, this non kitemarked ducting retains many of the same features and benefits as the BS EN50086-2-4 system. You would use this ducting for a system which does not require a full BS EN specification. It is an ideal alternative to uPVC Daviduct in these applications.

uPVC Ducts

Available in 2 type; Type 4660 and Daviduct. Both of these types have a smooth outer wall.

Type 4660 is manufactured to the dimensional requirements of BS4660 and offers a greater strength than standard uPVC general purpose ducting. This ducting is available in black or dark grey as a ring sealed system, although unsealed systems are available.

Daviduct is a cost-effective alternative to higher specification systems and it to be used in light to medium duty applications. This duct is not suitable for Highways Agency applications.

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