Bulk Liquid Storage Tanks

Customised liquid storage tanks

A 10,000 litre bulk liquid storage tank.

JDP supply Bulk Liquid Tanks which are normally supplied to client specification using a variety of fittings and accessories. In some cases, clients prefer to fit their own accessories - this is understood and catered for.

Whether your requirement is a single tank or full bulk storage system complete with pipework, valving, pumps and control/alarm panels, we offer the highest level of service.

The JDP solution offers a fully comprehensive service:

  • Tank customisation and fitting out
  • Transportation and logistics
  • Offloading, installation and hook up
  • Testing
  • Maintenance programmes


  • Agriculture and Farming
  • Brewing and Distilling
  • Civil Engineering
  • Fuel storage and dispensing
  • Metal Processing/Treatment
  • Paint/Pigment/Dyes/Ink
  • Plastics and Rubber
  • Textiles
  • Waste
  • Aviation
  • Chemical
  • Food and Beverage
  • Glass and Ceramics
  • Oil and Petrochemical
  • Pharmaceuticals/Cosmetics/Toiletries
  • Utilities
  • Water