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Ad Blue Storage Tanks

Meeting the requirements of commercial, industrial and retail outlets, JDP provide a range of fully integrated AdBlue dispensing stations from 500 to 10,000 litre capacity. These fully lockable low maintenance tanks are fully bunded.

JDP are also able to provide forecourt models with remote dispensing and metering up to 62,000 litre capacity.

Adblue requires specialist containment, must be kept within strictly controlled conditions and stored within Adblue resistant containers.

Failure to adhere to these requirements has the potential to destroy the expensive, sophisticated catalytic converters fitted as standard to current generation SCR enabled Euro IV and next generation Euro V commercial vehicles. In the case of an Adblue storage tank serving a fleet of vehicles, an incorrectly specified tank could destroy multiple catalytic converters, invalidate the vehicle manufacturer’s warranty and potentially cost £’000s.

What is AdBlue?

AdBlue is a solution of high purity urea in demineralised water and is used as an operating fluid in heavy duty diesel engines (>3.5t, > 85kw). This is a direct result of the European Union issuing strict emission standards (EURO 4 in 2005, EURO 5 in 2008).

On average, AdBlue is consumed at approximately 3-5% by volume of diesel usage.

Customer Features & Benefits
  • Saves costs due to lesser fuel consumption
  • AdBlue driven trucks gain reduction on taxes/tolls
  • Helps protect the environment
Product Features & Benefits
  • Range of sizes
  • Fully lockable
  • Complete with flow meter, bund alarm, level gauge and dispensing hose
  • Choice of pump up to 75litres per minute electric or battery powered

Compliant with all ISO, CEFIC and DIBIT requirements.


Code Description
    Ltr/Gal: 500/112
  • Length: 1200mm
  • Width: 1200mm
  • Height: 1438mm
Code Description
    Ltr/Gal: 2500/550
  • Length: 2460mm
  • Width: 1430mm
  • Height: 1850mm
Code Description
    Ltr/Gal: 3500/775
  • Overall Width: 2520mm
  • Diameter: 2150mm
  • Height: 1900mm
Code Description
    Ltr/Gal: 7500/1100
  • Length: 3115mm
  • Width: 2305mm
  • Height: 3020mm
Code Description
    Ltr/Gal: 1300/285
  • Length: 1900mm
  • Diameter: 1220mm
  • Height: 1780mm
Code Description
    Ltr/Gal: 2500/550
  • Length: 2100mm
  • Diameter: 1800mm
  • Height: 2100mm
Code Description
    Ltr/Gal: 5000/1100
  • Overall Width: 2700mm
  • Diameter: 2230mm
  • Height: 2380mm
Code Description
    Ltr/Gal: 10000/2200
  • Overall Width: 3320mm
  • Diameter: 2510mm
  • Height: 3150mm