Gabions & Mattresses

Why are gabions used?

A gabion wall being installed with a contractor in the foreground.

The use of gabions is an effective solution to combat erosion and to stabilise and strengthen embankments, which has been in evidence for many years.

Gabion mattresses are manufactured in the same way as gabions, however the plan area is large in comparison to their depth, typically units are a maximum of 300mm deep. The purpose of a mattress unit is to provide protection on water courses and coastal revetments against scour and erosion.

Mattresses are also used in conjunction with gabions as a scour protection to prevent undermining of gabion retaining structures in coastal or river applications and as a foundation.

Filled with local stone they blend in with the local surroundings and unlike concrete or other solid structures they allow vegetation to flourish, reducing the visible impact and enhancing the natural landscape.

Features & Benefits

  • Aesthetically pleasing - straight lines and clean edges can also be blended with natural planting
  • Strength and stability - steel wire construction withstands forces of flowing water and retained earth
  • Flexibility - ideal for unstable ground
  • Corrosion resistant – galvanised to BS EN 10244-2 for 40 year average life
  • Cost effective – low maintenance, easy to assemble, minimal foundation preparation


  • Retaining walls
  • Rivers, canals and dams
  • Erosion control
  • Soil conservation
  • Marinas and shoreline protection
  • Landscaping
  • Structure protection
  • Flood protection