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Water Service Fittings

JDP can boast the most comprehensive range of compression fittings and adaptors with its range from Plasson, a supplier that gives genuine commitment to quality. The basic fitting is a dedicated product for joining metric PE pipe. It will securely join the pipe without any additional components. The fittings can be easily converted for use with other materials simply by adding a conversion set.

We offer a full range of conversion sets to provide exceptional adaptability.

These innovative products have now revolutionized the way of connecting polyethylene pipes.

Features & Benefits
  • Dual action sealing
  • Uncompromising reliability
  • Time saving joining method
  • Assured conveyance of contents to final destination
  • Fast & easy installation
  • Connections to copper, lead, steel, PVC, polyethylene service pipes

For connecting all types of water service pipes with assured conveyance of contents to final destination


WRAS approved product.

Water Service Fittings

Code Description
0911701020 20mm
0911701025 25mm
0911701032 32mm
0911701050 50mm
0911701063 63mm


Reducing Coupling
Code Description
0911711025X20 25mm x 20mm
0911711032X20 32mm x 20mm
0911711032X25 32mm x 25mm
0911711050X32 50mm x 32mm
0911711063X50 63mm x 50mm
Male Adaptor BSP Thread
Code Description
0911702020X1/2 20mm x 1/2"
0911702025X3/4 25mm x 3/4"
0911702032X1 32mm x 1"
091170205011/2 50mm x 11/2"
0911702063X2 63mm x 2"
Female Adaptor BSP Thread
Code Description
0911703020X1/2 20mm x 1/2"
0911703025X3/4 25mm x 3/4"
0911703032X1 32mm x 1"
091170305011/2 50mm x 11/2"
0911703063X2 63mm x 2"
Code Description
0911704020 20mm
0911704025 25mm
0911704032 32mm
0911704050 50mm
0911704063 63mm
90° Elbow
Code Description
0911705020 20mm
0911705025 25mm
0911705032 32mm
0911705050 50mm
0911705063 63mm
End Plug
Code Description
09117120X20 20mm x 1/2"
09117120X25 25mm
09117120X32 32mm
09117120X50 50mm
09117120X63 63mm
Blanking Plug
Code Description
0911712920 20mm
0911712925 25mm
0911712932 32mm
0911712950 50mm
0911712963 63mm
90° Tee with Female Offtake
Code Description
0911714020X1/2 20mm x 1/2"
0911714025X3/4 25mm x 3/4"
0911714032X1 32mm x 1"
091171405011/2 50mm x 11/2
0911714063X2 63mm x 2"
90° elbow with Female Offtake
Code Description
09117150201/2 20mm x 1/2"
0911715025X3/4 25mm x 3/4"
0911715032X1 32mm x 1"
091171505011/2 50mm x 11/2"
0911715063X2 63mm x 2"
90° Reducing Tee
0911734025X20 25mm x 20mm
0911734032X25 32mm x 25mm
0911734050X32 50mm x 32mm
0911734063X50 63mm x 50mm
Reducing Set
Code Description
0911793025X20 25mm x 20mm
0911793032X20 32mm x 20mm
0911793032X25 32mm x 25mm
0911793050X25 50mm x 25mm
0911793050X32 50mm x 32mm
0911793063X25 63mm x 25mm
0911793063X32 63mm x 32mm
0911793063X50 63mm x 50mm
Pipe Liner
Code Description
0911795020 20mm
0911795025 25mm
0911795032 32mm
0911795040 40mm
0911795050 50mm
0911795063 63mm
Plass 4 universal Coupling
Code Description
09117701715-22 25mm x 15-22mm
09117701720-27 25mm x 20-27mm
09117701720-2732 32mm x 20-27mm
09117701727-35 25mm x 27-35mm
09117701727-3532 32mm x 27-35mm
09117701735-50 50mm x 35-50mm
Dedicated PE to Copper Connector
Code Description
0911743615X20 15mm x 20mm
0911743615X25 15mm x 25mm
0911743622X25 22mm x 25mm
0911743628X32 28mm x 32mm
0911743615X20 15mm x 20mm
Universal Stop Tap BS5433/1010 Type
Code Description
0911905020 20mm
0911905025 25mm
0911905032 32mm
Compression Stopcock BS5433
Code Description
0911340720 20mm
0911340725 25mm
0911340732 32mm
Plastic Wall Plate Elbow
0911775020 20mm
0911775025 25mm
Brass Wall Plate Elbow
091190552012 20mm X" 1/2"
091190552534 25mm X 3/4"
Bib Tap-Ball Type
09112100X1/2 1/2"
09112100X3/4 3/4"
Bib Tap Hose Union with Double Check Valve
09119056X1/2 1/2"
09119056X3/4 3/4"
DZR Double Check Valve
09119057X3/4 3/4"
09119057X1 1"
Pipe Shears
091160125 20/32mm
091160126 20/63mm
Pipe Squeeze Off Tool
091160123 16/32mm
09116012332/63 32/63mm
Plasson Wrench
0911799016/40 16/40mm
0911799040/75 40/75mm
Chamfer Tool
0911796020/63 20/63mm
Universal Strap Wrench
09117992 20/90mm

Installation is as easy as saying ABCD.

  • Undo the nut until 3-4 threads are visible.
  • Insert the required Pipe Liner into the pipe.
  • Insert pipe into the fitting until the stop.
  • Tighten the nut firmly with a Plasson wrench.