Polypropylene and woven polyester geogrids

Pole Boxes

JDP offers a range of extruded polypropylene and woven polyester geogrids, which are widely accepted as giving the best performance and longer-lasting results for soil reinforcement.

Extruded geogrids, such as Tenax fall into two categories to suit a wide variety of applications: the mono-orientated TT range (strength in one direction) offers the ideal solution for the construction of embankments and earth walls that are stable at inclinations of up to 80º. The bi-orientated LBO range (strength in both directions) offers extremely high performance for ground stabilisation in road construction.

Woven geogrids offer high strength at low elongation and are available as a bi-axial geogrid (strength in both directions) and as a uni-axial geogrid (strength in one direction). These geogrids offer cost savings against extruded geogrids where such a high performance is not required.

Whatever the nature of your project, JDP will give you expert advice in selecting, the appropriate product and offer cost effective solutions.

Features and Benefits

  • Tensile reinforcement
  • Distribute loads more effectively
  • Increases the bearing capacity of soft sub-soil
  • Provides the lateral confinement required to prevent the pumping of sub-grade fines – increasing longevity and reducing the need for maintenance
  • Extruded polypropylene geogrids have an open structure with rigid ribs and junctions that create a more efficient interlocking action between the geogrid and the fill to give improved performance


  • Paved and unpaved roads
  • Airport runways
  • Industrial yards
  • Embankment foundations over soft soil
  • Retaining wall and steep slope construction
  • Railroad ballast reinforcement
  • Soil reinforcement of building foundations

Geogrid Range

Code Description
1601LBO220 4m x 50m Tennax 220
1601LBO330 4m x 50m Tennax 330
1601LBO440 4m x 50m Tennax 440