How to make connections between land drain and other pipe systems

A quick how-to overview on making a connection between land drain and other drainage products, such as twinwall and soakaway/attenuation crates.

If you’re installing a land drain drainage system in your property it is likely you will need to connect this to another drainage system to complete the surface water removal. In this article we have put together some of the possible connection options and how to implement them.

How to connect land drain together

If you are simply wanting to connect two lengths of flexible land drain together, you will need to use a connector or Y junction. All of our land drain coils come with a built in coupler at one end of the pipe to save you time purchasing a loose coupler. With these fittings there is no seal incorporated as there is no need for the pipe to be watertight as it is not permitted for the use of foul water transportation.

Watch the our Guide to land drain video to see how the connections are made!

How to connect land drain to twinwall

To connect land drain to rigid pipes a flexible coupler is needed. This is a simple push fit application and the centre shear band helps align the joint with flexibility.

Land drain, Outside Dia (mm) Twinwall, Nominal Dia (mm) Coupler code
60 110 2004AC1154
80 110 2004AC1251
100 110 22004SC115
100 150 2004AC1801
160 110 2004AC1702
160 150 2004AR1500
160 225 2004AC2904

How to connect land drain to a soakaway crate

Direct connection to a soakaway crate isn’t classed as best practice as you should really be using twinwall or a solid/rigid underground drainage pipe such as ULTRA3. The most effective method would be to have the land drain pipe leading to a catch pit, and then from the catch pit would be a twinwall pipe which can then make a better connection to the soakaway.

However, we know that some people will want to make the connection in their gardens or for domestic purposes. The best sizes to use for this would be 110/160mm, 160mm may be a better fit. To make this connection you wouldn’t need a connector plate, you would just cut out one of the preformed holes in the side of the soakaway and slot the pipe is so that it is secure.

Always consider the use of a silt trap before connecting to prevent debris, and check the crate manufacturer's installation manual for further information.

How to connect land drain to a plastic inspection chamber or catch pit

To make this connecion you will need a smooth walled stub of ULTRA3 sewer pipe to connect to the inspection chamber to act as the PPIC connection.

Land drain size (mm) PPIC connection(mm) Adapter
60 110 2004AC1154
80 110 2004AC1251
100 110 2004DC115
160 160 2004DC165

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