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PVC-O Drinking Water Pipe

Molecular orientated PVC (PVC-O) is a high performance, cost effective and environmentally friendly product for the distribution of drinking (potable) water. The PVC-O pipe is jointed with a mechanical rubber ring joint and complimented with a range of PVC-O and ductile iron fittings for use with PVC-O pipe. The pipe is coloured blue and rated to 16 bar working pressure.

The process in which PVC-O pipe is made involves re-orientating the molecules of PVC-u material to improve physical properties. This combination gives the best weight vs. performance characteristics in the industry for a product that will last over 50 years.

Features & Benefits

  • Non corrosive
  • Lightweight and easy to handle - reduced installation costs
  • Extremely tough and resilient
  • Long asset life
  • Cleanliness – commissioning time reduced
  • Tried and tested – proven reliability
  • Resistant to fast fracture
  • Low frictional resistance
  • 16 bar pressure rating – 25bar also available
  • Suitable for narrow trenching – up to 30% saving on open cut trenching methods


  • Drinking Water (potable)
  • Suitable for narrow trenching

PVC-O Metric System - Ring Seal Mechanical Joint

Multi Access Ducting
Internal Dia (mm) External Dia (mm) Code
103.8 110 082336405
133.2 140 082384536
151.2 160 082336408
189.0 200 082336409
237.8 250 082384539
299.6 315 082384540