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Careers at JDP

A Culture for Innovation

JDP promotes a culture for innovation, leadership and excellence

Whether you work for or with JDP, you should encounter these four attitudes in everything JDP do.
  • Yoga on the beach


    Our outlook is always to encourage, develop and build on strengths rather than focus on weaknesses.

    We make the right thing to do the easiest thing to do, and solve problems by fixing the environment that allowed them to occur.

  • Molecule wormhole


    Discovering and continuously searching for further understanding drives our passion for new ideas, methods and practices.

    We are inspired by the tiniest of things in the world around us because we know the smallest inventions can have the biggest impact.

  • City at night with connected highways illuminated


    We believe that harnessing the power of collaboration, hybrid thinking, fresh perspectives and wider understanding helps build a better environment for us and the world.

    By developing new ways to communicate with our colleagues and customers, we will find new opportunities to grow and connect together.

  • Paraglider over the lake district


    Plan around trust as there is no such thing as mistakes; only decisions and outcomes that make us smarter and better prepared in the future.

    When everyone is doing it one way we have the determination, bravery, persistence and resolve to try something new and different.

Training & Development

Expert and knowledgeable people are what sets JDP apart from its competitors. People are at the heart of the business and the company invests in the people with world-class training and development programmes, and generous benefits packages for long term service.

JDP's methods are proven by its continued Investors in People Gold accreditation.

The company recruits applicants who fit within its culture and shares its vision of the future. When you join JDP, you will experience in-depth inductions, development stages and training to enable you to perform and progress in your career at JDP.

Graduate Training Programme

JDP's PRIDE graduate training programme offers an extensive insight into the industries the company operates in, and equips participants with the knowledge, influence, patience and leadership skills needed for the challenges they will experience.

If you are interested in the graduate programme, please Contact JDP.

Ready to Start?

Alongside sharing the four common attitudes, colleagues at JDP must have two other attitudes that makes them stand out above other candidates.

Sprinter on the track


You take ownership and execute decisions, take action and do what has to be done, and make sure it happens.

Looking through binoculars


You stay focused on the company's culture, its people and customers and grow to become an expert in the industry.